Houston — Hydrology & hydraulics (H&H), a significant service-offering at Jones|Carter since 1976, has expanded to become a full practice within the Texas-based civil engineering firm. As a practice, H&H is more advantageously positioned to deliver the highest caliber of work to clients and projects, regardless of size or location. H&H leads public and private projects at the local, county, and state levels, and for federal organizations such as FEMA, NRCS, and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

Newly appointed Practice Leader, Dwayne Hamilton, P.E., CFM, leads a highly experienced team that has worked regionally and state-wide for the past 40 years. Hamilton joined Jones|Carter in 2015 and brings over 25 years in both the public and private sectors. As both a professional engineer and a certified floodplain manager, his involvement on planning, design, and construction of major drainage engineering projects, H&H analyses, and reservoir modeling establishes him as a true and trusted expert in the field.

With over 30 engineers dedicated to resolving issues through detailed drainage analysis and design, the Jones|Carter H&H Practice is one of the largest groups of its kind in Texas. They add value and efficiency to every customer relationship, and deliver highly complex solutions singularly crafted to their unique clients' needs and specifications.

Throughout the past four decades, the Hydrology & Hydraulics Practice has designed and completed significant projects for clients across the state. One of these legacy clients is Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District. Throughout a 40-year relationship with the District, JC engineers have designed a comprehensive flood protection levee, developed unique drainage solutions, and provided floodplain analysis, flood protection, and storm drainage relief. As one of their first clients, Jones|Carter continues to provide service and solutions to the District to this day.