TORONTO — Columbia Street/Lexington Road is a critical east-west transportation corridor that extends through the region of Waterloo in Ontario. It connects residential areas near the city’s east and west limits to significant employment areas, including the University of Waterloo, in the city center. The Transportation Master Plan identifies the corridor as a recommended on-road bicycle route for implementation within two to five years.

HDR was hired by the city of Waterloo to conduct a Class Environmental Assessment and functional design for improving various transportation modes along the corridor. HDR will examine improvements that include the addition of bicycle lanes, improved pedestrian linkages/crosswalks/refuge islands, additional turn lanes at intersections, and investigation of roundabout and traffic signal options to improve intersection control. HDR will conduct an evaluation of improvement options using a number of environmental, social, and economic factors. The assessment and design are anticipated to be completed in July.

Because the project has some significant property constraints, HDR will also need to examine options that include a “road diet” — narrowing or eliminating travel lanes — to improve facilities for bicycles.

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