HARRISBURG, PA. The Interstate 80 (I-80) Widening and Bridge Replacement at Meander Reservoir project in Austintown, Ohio, was selected as the co-recipient of the 2010 Outstanding New Major Bridge Award in the 2010 Association for Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) Northeastern Ohio Chapter’s Outstanding Bridge Awards competition.

The I-80 Meander Reservoir project was one of the largest and most challenging projects in the history of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT’s) District 4. The new twin 2,500-foot bridges crossing the reservoir significantly improved highway safety and are integral components of an innovative spill containment system designed to keep hazardous roadway runoff from flowing into the reservoir.

This innovative containment system protects the drinking water supply for more than 220,000 people and provides a cost-effective solution to watershed protection problems faced by transportation officials around the world when bridges cross high-quality waterways.

Engineering design firm, Gannett Fleming, provided the design for 4.5 miles of the I-80 widening, the new twin bridges, replacement and widening of the mainline bridges, the spill containment system, emergency access, and a new 12.5-acre wetland habitat that was used to mitigate environmental impacts caused by the project.
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