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FPT Industrial Celebrates the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci for the 500th Anniversary of His Death

FPT Industrial Celebrates the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci for the 500th Anniversary of His Death

Turin – From Venice to Turin, FPT Industrial confirms its commitment to culture and announces its partnership as the main sponsor of the “Disegnare il futuro” (Drawing the future) and “L’uomo è modello del mondo” (Man is the model of the world) exhibitions. Both of these events will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death and will illustrate how much his works and thinking have influenced science and art over the past five centuries.

The “Disegnare il futuro” exhibition in Turin, Italy will be held from April 15th to July 14th, and the luxurious rooms of the Musei Reali will play host to the renowned Self Portrait as well as the Codex on the Flight of Birds, Nude studies for the Battle of Anghiari, and Studies of the front and back legs of a horse. The 13 drawings by da Vinci housed at the Royal Library of Turin, now part of the Musei Reali, were once owned by Giovanni Volpato, and later purchased by Charles Albert of Savoy in 1840. The works cover almost the entire lifespan of the genius, documenting da Vinci’s activity from his youth through to adulthood. The Self Portrait, which comes out of the Royal Library of Turin’s vault for the 2019 celebrations, is considered to be the most famous work by the Florentine master. It dates back to 1515, a time when da Vinci was working for the court of Francis I in France, and portrays a much older man. The Self Portrait is considered to be a noteworthy work for two principal reasons. As a result of this drawing, we can see da Vinci’s face and he is often identified by these features alone. Furthermore, it is considered to be an innovation in the portrait genre, as it not only depicts a subject simply to celebrate himself, but also imbues him with spirit.

From April 19th to July 14th, the “L’uomo è modello del Mondo” exhibition, at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Venice, Italy will have a comprehensive collection of works by Leonardo da Vinci on public display. The exhibition will offer an interesting “excursus” of the master’s works from 1478 to 1519, and will not only document his scientific research with studies of the proportions of the human body, nature, optics, physics, mechanics, weapons, but also the preparatory stages of certain paintings, from the faded The Last Supper, Christ Carrying the Cross at the Battle of Anghiari, and the Virgin and Child with St. Anne and his last French compositions. Among all of da Vinci’s works housed at the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the most striking is the renowned Study of human proportions, more commonly known as The Vitruvian Man, which became a symbol of classic perfection of the body and mind. The work will be displayed in an exclusive room and the proportional relationships, the golden ratio, the micro and macrocosm, writing and executive technical skills will also be on show.

Proportions of the human body according to Vitruvius (The Vitruvian Man) by Leonardo da Vinci

FPT Industrial’s sponsorship of the two exhibitions confirms its support of broader culture, and underlines the passion and innovation inherent in the Brand’s DNA.

“Leonardo da Vinci was an extraordinary inventor and a special talent, as well as a forerunner in the fields of science and engineering,” states Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication for FPT Industrial.

“Thanks to studies deriving from thorough observation and analysis of nature, today da Vinci is regarded by many as a pioneer of modern principles for environmental sustainability. For this reason, he is a great source of inspiration for our brand, which has always demonstrated itself not only to be a pioneer, but also a leader and a market benchmark for technology, as well as being customer and environmentally-focused. Like the master himself, we believe that continued commitment to research and development are fundamental factors that enable us to leave a mark with continuously innovative solutions”.

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