october, 2015

Rewriting The Fabric Structure Spec: Technical Advances In Fabric Building Design


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Learning Objectives

In the past, it would have been unusual to talk about fabric-covered structures and conventional buildings in the same sentence. The stark differences in materials, construction methods and common uses of the buildings themselves made for a truly “apples and oranges” comparison. But recent technical advances have made design considerations for fabric structures more similar to traditional building construction.

This webcast draws on decades of engineering and design experience by engineers, project managers, installers, CEOs and end-users. If the building selection criteria lead you or your client to a fabric structure, the educational information presented in this session can provide you with critical knowledge toward making a sound purchase decision.

In this webcast we will discuss:

  • Comparisons and advantages of different frame designs and building materials
  • How fabric attachment impacts the structure’s safety, longevity and life cycle costs
  • Engineering considerations and site-specific specifications
  • Architectural elements, features and customization options
  • Quality measurements and post-construction considerations


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Legacy Building Solutions, Inc.

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