A publication from the Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), Report 565: Evaluation of Best Management Practices for Highway Runoff Control, examines best management practices (BMPs) that are designed to avoid or mitigate the negative impacts of pollutants that can be carried by stormwater into groundwater or receiving waters. Pollutants include materials discharged by vehicles using the highway system, pesticides and fertilizers from adjacent landscapes, and particulates from the breakdown of highway pavements.

Theoretical material documented in the report is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the following additional volumes and a spreadsheet model:

  • User’s Guide for BMP/Low-Impact Development (LID) Selection;
  • Appendices to the User’s Guide; and
  • LID Design Manual for Highway Runoff Control.

Links for downloading Report 565 as a PDF file, as well as the CD-ROM volumes, can be found at www.trb.org/news/blurb_detail.asp?id=7184.