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Author: Clark Dietz, Inc.
Title: Prescribed Burn at Spring Creek Tributary
Description: Prescribed burns are conducted to restore and manage natural areas. They are carefully planned and implemented for two reasons: to prevent an uncontrolled fire that can be extremely damaging, and to enhance wildlife habitat. This prescribed burn of the Spring Lake Forest Preserve will allow environmental specialists to perform required surveys by clearing out overgrowth and allowing them a better look at habitat conditions. The federally endangered Hines Emerald Dragonfly has been identified near IL 62 in the marshes near the Spring Creek Tributary, so this burn will help those specialists determine if suitable breeding and foraging habitat is present. If the habitat is deemed suitable, future management plans will be developed to support the dragonfly communities. This plan will help to restore their populations with the eventual goal of removing the dragonfly from the endangered species list.
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