Engineering Drone Video Contest of the Year 2021

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Author: Brad Rife
Title: Royall Avenue Basin Drainage Improvements Project, Mount Pleasant, SC
Description: Due to its patchwork development style, the Old Village area of the Town of Mount Pleasant lacks the critical, modern infrastructure to provide adequate drainage for residents. When coupled with the threat of sea-level rise and tidal influences, significant structure flooding occurs frequently during heavy rainfall events. Thomas & Hutton's Old Village Watershed Study with The Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina evaluated flooding and drainage conditions throughout the 975-acre Old Village area. The Royall Avenue Basin resulted as the top priority and will be the first to receive our proposed drainage infrastructure improvements. Thomas & Hutton created a drone video for the Town that explores existing drainage situations throughout the Royall Avenue Basin and illustrates the location of planned infrastructure upgrades on a street-by-street basis. Informational text, photos, and graphics of improvements are overlaid on the flyover video to provide a visual representation of what residents and business owners can expect during and after construction. Original footage was captured by Gareth Blayney with Max Photography.
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