SAVANNAH, GA – Oldcastle Precast, currently working with Hunt/Mills, a Joint Venture, is providing unique rear-chase precast concrete prison cells and modular building components for the new $71 million expansion of the Chatham County Detention Center in Georgia.

Oldcastle Precast offers a unique rear-chase precast concrete prison cell that has the electrical and plumbing fixtures on the back wall and monolithic balconies on the front and rear of the module. The precast cells come fully out-fitted with electrical fixtures, detention furniture, plumbing fixtures and interior walls painted. The facility owner preferred a rear chase option allowing maintenance personal to have access to the mechanical systems without having to disrupt the prison population’s daily routines. The first precast cells arrived on site for the Chatham County Detention Center Expansion project Nov. 15, 2011. A 30 ton crane was brought to the site to lift the cells into place. Each concrete unit weighs in excess of 50,000 pounds and contains two cells and front and rear balcony. The cells are stacked four stories high.

The Chatham County Detention Center expansion project is adding 400,000 square feet to the detention center and bringing the total number of inmate beds to 2,300, nearly double the current capacity. The project includes precast prison cells to accommodate 852 new inmate beds in two and four level housing. It will also include a free standing Video Visitation building (which replaces in person visitation), Courtrooms, Court Holding, Pre-Booking, Medical Clinic and Infirmary, Laundry, Plating Kitchen, Street Operations, Warehouse and Commissary.

Oldcastle Precast is supplying precast concrete modules for the 280 two (2) man rear-chase cells, 144 four (4) man cells, 16 multipurpose, 16 janitorial, 16 triage, 16 laundry and 16 video visitation rooms. Also manufactured and erected at the project site are 628 lineal feet of cell plenums and 466 lineal feet of dorm plenums– all precast concrete. In addition, 11,136 sq. ft. of dayroom balconies and 7,352 sq. ft. of chase corridor will be created when installation of the front and rear balconied cell modules is complete.

Chatham County commissioners awarded the contract for the expansion of the detention center to general contractor Hunt/Mills, a Joint Venture- (Hunt Construction Group and WG Mills). The detention center is expected to represent the largest investment of capital funds in Chatham County’s history. It will be funded through SPLOST money.