Our content is arranged in the following channels to help deliver the news most relevant to you.

Environmental + Sustainability

Environmental news, green energy news, green technology, engineering and construction. Sustainability news for the AEC industry.

Structures + Buildings

News and announcements about specific structures and buildings, and related structural engineering news.


Transportation news including bridges and roads, micro-mobility, autonomous vehicles, parking garages, airports, FAA, etc...

Water + Stormwater

Water and stormwater news including rainwater harvesting, wastewater, sewage plans, city planning, dams, and pipe systems.

Project Delivery

Project delivery news including P3, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, Progressive Design Build, Design-Assist, Engineer-Procure-Construct. Master Information Delivery Plans, (MIDP) and levels of detail (LOD), Task Information Delivery Plans (TIDP).

Business News

Business News. Personality profiles, firm profiles, diversity & inclusion, management best practices, and advice.


Geotechnical news for the civil and structural engineering industries. Soil and Rock mechanics and properties, subsurface conditions, slopes, earth retention, and helical piles.


News related to geospatial technology and the civil and structural engineering industries. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geotagging, geofencing, remote sensing.

Software + Technology

News and announcements for software and technology companies including emerging technologies.

Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).

Land Development

Land development news for the civil and structural engineering industries. Changing landforms, urban infill, raw land into construction ready.


Residential News. Residential planning, urban planning, residential construction.


Surveying news including surveyor profiles, surveying technology, image scanning, Lidar, and 3D mapping.

Building Materials

News and announcements for building materials including the steel, asphalt, concrete, glass, wood, prefab, and recycled material industries.

Data + Publications

Industry reports and research, raw data, data collection. Publication releases and book reviews.

Products + Specifications

Products and product announcements related to the AEC industry. These are the products that engineers specify in their plans.


Schedule of events, event announcements, call for speakers/abstracts.


Awards and award announcements for the civil and structural engineering industry.

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