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Introduction to Skimmer Sediment Basins – Basics of Design to Advanced Modeling

Most States now require sediment basins to discharge utilizing outlet structures that withdraw from the surface. Skimmers are the most common and cost-effective way...

Un-Complicating the Stabilization Selection Process – Part II

The first part of this webinar discussed the functions of a Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM), the importance of hydraulic testing, and the critical need...

Advancing the Civil Design Review Process with Model-Based Reviews

Traditional methods of coordinating design work-in-progress often hinder productivity with duplicate design artifacts and disjointed workflows. You need to find ways to eliminate these...

Research & Design Tax Credits: Why Designers Qualify

Register Here This 4 module virtual workshop serves as an overview of current rules and legislation governing the Federal Research and Development (R&D) tax credit, how...

New Methods for Ponding Analysis of Open Web Steel Joist Roofs

This webinar will review roof ponding requirements in the SJI 2015 Specifications, IBC 2015, ASCE 7-16, the International Plumbing Code (2015), FM Global and...

Your Employees: The Most Important Asset You’re Neglecting

Business leaders often declare that employees are their most important assets. But few employers truly define what that means in their workplace.  Employer commitment to...

Un-Complicating the Stabilization Selection Process – Part I

Selecting the right material for channel and bank stabilization is critical, but the selection process is often complicated by limited performance criteria, abundance of...

If Your Firm is so Successful, Where is All the Money?

If your firm takes pride in its ability to practice engineering that endures, you owe it to yourself and your clients to make your...

Properly Specifying Steel Joists

Open web steel joists are an efficient, economical method of framing building floors and roofs, but there are some basics that should be covered...

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