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ARTBA launches Transportation Investment Advocates Council

Washington, D.C. The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) launched a Transportation Investment Advocates Council to provide a home for a national network of business professionals and public officials who share a common interest in building support for transportation infrastructure investments in their state or local community.... Read More...
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CBO report details public spending on transportation and water infrastructure, 1956 to 2014

Washington, D.C. Public spending spending by federal, state, and local governments on transportation and water infrastructure totaled $416 billion in 2014. Most of that spending came from state and local governments: They provided $320 billion, and the federal government accounted for $96 billion. A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report provides information on spending for six types of transportation and water infrastructure.... Read More...
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Transportation proposal could force states to raise gas taxes

Washington, D.C. Transportation legislation being pushed in Congress by Heritage Action, the Club for Growth and like-minded conservative activist groups would force states to raise their gasoline and diesel motor fuel taxes, on average, about 23.5 cents-per-gallon by 2020 if they wanted to maintain their current annual investment in highway and bridge improvements and public transportation, an analysis of federal and state data shows. The states only other options, if the proposal was enacted, would be to raise other taxes, redirect an equivalent amount of revenue from other state programs, or slash their road, bridge and transit improvement program.... Read More...
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Seattle mayor launches transportation strategy

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray launched Move Seattle, his 10-year vision for transportation in Seattle. The plan integrates Seattles many travel modes to better support everyone, whether walking, biking, riding transit, driving a car or delivering freight. With a strong emphasis on safety, maintenance, innovation, and performance measurement, the plan aims to improve travel even as the city continues to grow rapidly.... Read More...
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Texas Transportation Commission approves more than $2 billion in road projects

Austin, Texas Three months after Texas voters approved Proposition 1, adding $1.74 billion to the state highway fund, the Texas Transportation Commission approved construction of 201 road projects. Among the projects slated to begin work are more than 800 miles of rehabilitated highways; nearly 500 miles of new highway lanes; 64 bridge replacements; and 18 lane-widening enhancements that will add 159 miles of passing lanes to rural highways.... Read More...