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News and announcements about software and technology companies including emerging technologies in the engineering industry.

AEC TECH NEWS: Topcon announces new MAGNET software solutions for increased integration

Topcon Positioning Group announced two new software platforms designed to provide multidisciplinary model management and increased collaboration and integration — MAGNET Explorer and MAGNET Modeler.

AEC TECH NEWS: BIMestiMate prepares measurements, cost estimates, and schedules in BIM technology

The valuation method using BIM technology allows users to shorten the time to develop a simplified and detailed calculations based on data collected from the BIM model.

AEC TECH NEWS: SewerGEMS and SewerCAD advances simulation and reporting for sewer utilities

Bentley Systems announced the availability of the new SewerGEMS and SewerCAD CONNECT Edition applications for analysis and design of sewer networks.

AEC TECH NEWS: Autodesk simplifies virtual reality for design professionals

In October, Autodesk announced its latest LIVE release, currently in beta, that, with a second click in the LIVE editor or LIVE viewer, toggles virtual reality (VR) viewing on and off.

AEC TECH NEW: CivilStorm and StormCAD advances simulation and reporting for stormwater designers and...

Bentley Systems announced the availability of the new CivilStorm and StormCAD CONNECT Edition applications for the analysis and design of stormwater networks.

AEC TECH NEWS: Topcon releases deformation monitoring solution

Topcon Positioning Group announced the release of Delta Solutions, its new deformation monitoring system.

AEC TECH NEWS: City Digital develops technology to create new underground infrastructure mapping platform

City Digital, a Chicago-based UI LABS collaboration, announced it has developed the underlying technology components to create a new underground infrastructure mapping (UIM) platform. The platform will generate, organize, visualize, and store 3D underground infrastructure data.

AEC TECH NEWS: senseFly and Maptek sign agreement around data collection and analysis solution

Swiss professional drone maker senseFly signed an agreement with Maptek, experts in precision measurement and visualization for the mining industry, that enables Maptek to offer its customers a full, end-to-end data collection and analysis solution.

Trimble announces Tekla Global BIM Awards winners

Tekla Global BIM Awards recognize projects that are pushing the boundaries of BIM to create the worlds most impressive structural designs. This year, 73 winners of local Tekla BIM Awards from around the world competed for the global prize, demonstrating the advancement of BIM and construction.

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