Continuing Education

Defining design team deliverables

The design process and the resulting deliverables prepared by the design team on a construction project can be likened to a small set of hard deliverables, covering a fuzzy set of responsibilities, hiding an enormous amount of barely visible day-to-day work.” Too often, we have found to be lacking the completeness of specific deliverables at various stages of the design process, despite the fact that the design is the basis for project- impacting decisions. Contracts are developed to set forth the reasonable expectations of the parties. One of the basic tenants of a good design contract is that it should be specific as to contractual performance and end product so that those expectations are not left to debate. Yet, common design contract provisions, which should define those deliverables, are so fuzzy that they leave the results to each party's (often differing) interpretation.... Read More...

Intellectual Property in Civil Engineering

Intellectual property law is still an evolving concept, due especially to the wide variety of forms of expression that are prevalent today. A civil engineering firm is not immune from the many intellectual property laws that currently exist, and there are times when knowing the law will be crucial to your business.
...