Specify – April 2017


    01. Concrete admixture

    GCP Applied Technologies Inc., formerly part of W. R. Grace & Co., said its Concera admixtures enable production of Control Flow Concrete, a new category of highly flowable, segregation-resistant concrete using conventional mix designs. Concrete produced with Concera admixtures exhibit consistent quality and excellent flow retention, without retardation, according to the company. This controllable and reproducible performance results in reduced quality control costs for concrete producers and easier and faster construction for contractors. Fast discharge, easy pumping and placing, and high response to minimal vibration make Control Flow Concrete ideal for use in decks, walls, columns, floors, beams, pilings, and footers.

    GCP applied technologies, inc.


    02. paving interlayers

    HUESKER‘s HaTelit Paving Interlayers are designed to improve the life cycle performance of hot mix asphalt overlays. By mitigating reflective cracking, the interlayers can address a variety of pavement distresses. Asphalt interlayers between asphalt courses or between asphalt and concrete take up the stresses from the asphalt or concrete layer and distribute them over a wider area. Benefits include longer maintenance intervals, extended service life, and reduced maintenance costs. Bituminous coating improves adhesion to base layers, a nonwoven backing facilitates installation by saving time and protecting against displacement. Rolls as long as 150 meters and varying roll widths as great as 5 meters reduce the number of overlaps and allow greater installation rates.



    03. Small-area circulator

    Medora Corporation’s AerationPlus circulator provides targeted circulation for small lakes and ponds, as well as areas around docks, marinas, and coves in larger lakes. This small-area circulation helps reduce blue-green algae and odors while improving overall water quality. Each AerationPlus system has as much as three acres of circulation influence. No part of the circulator is above water, allowing for effective circulation without being seen. The AerationPlus circulator is powered by a quiet air unit with no electricity or moving parts in the water, making the systems safe in high-traffic swimming and boating areas. A solar-powered version is also available.