01. Stainless rebar


    Following expansion of its stainless rebar capabilities in its facilities in Richburg, S.C., Outokumpu is able to offer a full range of rebar products, including rebar in coil, cut-to-length, or in bent shapes. The Richburg facility has capabilities to cover a full range of rebar dimensions between sizes #3 and #8 (from 6 mm to 25.4 mm) and lengths up to 60 feet. The company also supplies rebar mesh, dowel bar, and complementary products including couplers and stainless steel tie wire.



    02. Masonry injection grout


    Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. offers a specially formulated injection grout that it said is proving valuable for reinforcing masonry in aging bridges and other large structures. Cathedral Stone’s Jahn M40 injection grout can be injected into cracks to stabilize masonry, including behind concrete or masonry piers, walls, arches, monuments, or building façades. Jahn M40 is a mineral-based grout that bonds naturally to masonry and is vapor-permeable so moisture or salt trapped inside masonry can escape. Vapor permeability greatly reduces the potential for deterioration caused by salt reactions in combination with freeze-thaw cycling, the company said.

    Cathedral Stone Products, Inc.


    03. A706 weld studs


    Nelson Stud Welding introduced D6L deformed bar stud anchor A706. It is a fully stud-weldable concrete anchor without the need for pre-heat or specialized welding equipment and accessories. According to the company, the D6L A706 meets all the requirements of ASTM A706; ACI 318 – Earthquake-Resistant Structures; Seismic Design Requirements for Ductile Steel Reinforcing Elements; and is stud-weldable in accordance with the requirements of AWS D1.1/D1.1M Structural Welding Code – Steel Clause 7 Stud Welding. Applications include precast concrete grade crossings, seismic management, and bridge and building construction. It is available in straight, bent, and threaded variations.

    Nelson Stud Welding


    04. Stormwater pipe


    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) said its HPXR 75 stormwater pipe provides heightened levels of stiffness, is available in a range of sizes, and yields significant cost benefits for customers compared to alternative products. HPXR 75 is corrugated polypropylene pipe with a smooth interior and a fiber-impregnated outer wrap. HPXR 75 provides a product with minimum pipe stiffness at 5 percent deflection of 75 pounds/inch/inch for all diameters, allowing for a wide range of backfill materials and providing 100-year design service life, ADS said. The pipe is available in 30-, 36-, 42-, 48-, and 60-inch inside diameter.

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.


    05. Barrier systems structural performance report


    The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) released an updated technical information report addressing the most commonly used composite thermal barrier systems. The 72-page AAMA TIR-A8-16, Structural Performance of Composite Thermal Barrier Framing Systems, was last updated in 2008 and now includes several new figures and instructions specific to testing dual cavities. Updated software to accommodate the use of the report, as well as a software user guide, are expected in 2017. AAMA TIR-A8-16 and other AAMA documents may be purchased from AAMA’s online store at http://pubstore.aamanet.org/pubstore/ProductResults.asp?cat=0&src=A8.

    American Architectural Manufacturers Association


    06. Fabric structures


    ClearSpan Fabric Structures offers American-made structures with in-house engineering, manufacturing, financing, and installation. According to the company, these structures provide energy-efficient, economical solutions for equipment storage, warehousing, sand and salt storage, and more. ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings feature natural light and spacious interiors without support posts, allowing clearance for forklifts, dump trucks, skid loaders, conveyers, and other heavy machinery. Every Hercules Truss Arch Building is custom engineered to fit the building requirements of the specific location. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and are easy to relocate, the company said.

    ClearSpan Fabric Structures


    07. Precast concrete bridge


    Oldcastle Precast’s OMEGA bridge spans are 2 feet thick and designed to accommodate loads as great as 220,000 pounds. In addition, the OMEGA’s monolithic footer eliminates the need to use poured-in-place or precast footings. For installation of a heavy-duty bridge for Carter Machinery, a Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Dealership in Mechanicsville, Va., 30 linear feet of 22-foot-span by 4.5-foot-rise OMEGA Bridge sections were offloaded from a truck and set into place in a single day. The bridge spans an existing, 4-foot-wide V-style ditch.

    Oldcastle Precast