01. Rainwater harvesting tank


    Contech Engineered Solutions’ UrbanGreen Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Rainwater Harvesting Tank has been certified to be in compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Research and Testing. Engineers can now write specifications for rainwater harvesting tanks based on a nationally recognized standard that address issues such as structural design, leakage, and repeatable manufacturing processes, the company said. The 80-ksi steel reinforcing ribs provide strength and pressure-rated polyethylene resin provides durability. The tanks are available up to 120 inches in diameter, include prefabricated access points, and feature H-25 traffic rated design.

    Contech Engineered Solutions


    02. Wireless crack monitor


    Automation Continuum Inc., a U.S. importer and the exclusive North American distributor for FIAMA, expanded its line of PF80 crack monitoring devices to include data log download via wireless transmitter/receiver. The PF80 Wireless is a remote, precision crack monitor and data logger that continuously monitors crack’s and joint’s linear displacement with 3µm resolution coupled with temperature values at programmed time/date stamped intervals. It is capable of more than 51,000 separate data logs. The PF80 Wireless is a recently expanded line of crack monitoring technology, which previously was only available in data log downloading via a USB cable. 

    Automation Continuum Inc.


    03. Structural connectors


    Simpson Strong-Tie offers a redesigned Drop-In Anchor (DIAB) that according to the company provides easier installation into base materials. Improved geometry in the preassembled expansion plug allows the DIAB anchor to install with 40 percent fewer hammer strikes than previous versions, the company said. The deformation-controlled expansion anchors are set by driving the plug toward the bottom of the anchor using Simpson Strong-Tie hand- or power-setting tools. Key features of DIAB anchors include a positive-set marking system to indicate when the anchor is properly set, a lipped drop-in version that keeps the top of the anchor flush with concrete, and UL and FM approvals.

    Simpson Strong-Tie


    04. Retaining wall design manual


    Redi-Rock International said its Design Resource Manual includes everything needed to design walls using Redi-Rock products, including an overview of every block in the Redi-Rock system, preliminary design charts, block infill weights, setback options, construction details, testing data, and more. Download the complete manual (www.redi-rock.com/documents/Engineering/DRM/Redi-Rock-Design-Resource-Manual-Complete.pdf) or individual sections: General Info, Case Studies, Block Library, and Design Information; Retaining Walls; Product Data Sheets and CSI Specifications; and Installation Guide and Construction Details.

    Redi-Rock International


    05. Portable wastewater samplers


    Xylem’s YSI offers the ProSample Series of automated portable samplers for wastewater applications. A customized peristaltic pump provides accurate sampling, with measuring increments that can be pre-set based on time intervals, flow rates, or by weather event. The insulated plastic housing is ideal for field use, keeping samples intact and at the proper temperature, YSI said. A wastewater plant can install samplers at the plant influent channel, at the effluent, or anywhere in between. Models come with one, four, eight, or 24 sample bottle options. Facilities can download sample data via USB.



    06. Private LTE networks

    Highway junction

    Nokia is expanding its offerings for private LTE networks by optimizing its Cloud Packet Core solution to allow for the delivery of business and mission-critical services and applications. Its Cloud Packet Core offering is tailored specifically for global enterprises, the public sector, and smaller operators, and will help accelerate the move to Smart Cities, improve employee safety and efficiency, and expand mobile applications across a variety of industries, the company said. In railways, the Cloud Packet Core can support operational services such as train control and real-time CCTV video feeds and alarm notifications, as well as passenger services.



    07. Submersible pump


    Xylem offers the Flygt 3000 Series electric submersible pumps as a rental option, ideal for temporary bypass pumping projects at treatment plants and lift stations. The Flygt 3000 Series of small and mid-sized pumps are classified as low, medium, or high-head pumps. The 3000 Series are non-clog pumps, ideal for handling solids-bearing liquids in a variety of applications. For municipalities that need to engage in lift station repairs or plant upgrades, the 3000 Series submersible pumps are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly rental alternative that provides a quiet, efficient, and easy-to-install bypass solution, the company said.