Specify – May 2018


    01. Steel construction digital manual

    The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) released the digital version of its 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual. The subscription-based product provides access to the information in the full manual including the most recent revisions. Features include access with AISC username and password from anywhere with an internet connection, completely web-based using HTML 5 — no plug-ins or software to install, embedded hyperlinks for references, detailed table of contents, fully searchable text, and exact reproduction of the print edition — tables appear in aligned, two-page spreads and equations appear exactly as shown in the manual.

    American Institute of Steel Construction


    02. Phosphorus recovery from wastewater

    CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids, a division of Centrisys Corporation, said its patented CNP AirPrex phosphorus recovery technology reduces problematic struvite buildup in wastewater treatment plants, improving overall plant efficiencies, including dewatering improvements, resulting in significant operational cost savings for treatment plants. The AirPrex process either sequesters struvite, leaving it in the biosolids stream for land application on farm fields as fertilizer, or recovers struvite, separating it from the biosolids stream. Once separated, the struvite can be used as a beneficial slow-release fertilizer.

    CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids


    03. FRP cantilever sidewalk system

    Composite Advantage’s Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) FiberSPAN-C cantilever sidewalk system provides pedestrian access without exceeding load capacity. FiberSPAN-C panels are 80 percent lighter than reinforced concrete panels. And, because the cantilevered sidewalk is prefabricated, construction is quicker and installation costs are lower, the company said. FRP cantilever sidewalk can be fastened to supporting longitudinal steel beams with connection clips bolted into steel plates embedded inside the FRP panels. FRP is resistant to corrosion from chemicals and water. A non-slip polymer aggregate overlay can be factory-applied to enhance pedestrian safety.

    Composite Advantage