Specify – March 2018


    01. Corrosion-inhibiting admixture

    MCI admixtures, developed, manufactured, and marketed by Cortec Corporation, consist of two functional components — contact inhibitors and volatile corrosion inhibitors, some of which are amino carboxylates. According to Cortec, they are nitrite-free and effective at very low doses. MCI Technology works by forming a protective molecular layer on steel surfaces embedded in the concrete. MCI-2005 is ideal for use in marine-environment structures because of its UL certification to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in structures containing potable water. It also contains 67 percent USDA-certified biobased content and qualifies to earn credit toward LEED certification.

    Cortec Corporation


    02. Large paving stones

    Willow Creek Paving Stones introduced Slatestone Grande to its family of paving stones. Slatestone Grande pavers are available in 9-inch by 18-inch and 14-inch by 18-inch sizes and are 7 cm thick. Four colors are available — Creme, Bleu, Patina, and Mocha. Ideally suited to the harsh freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwestern climate, they can be used for patios, courtyards, walkways, and more. A free Willow Creek Paving Stones Project Calculator to calculate materials and accessories for any size project is available at                                  http://willowcreekpavingstones.com/paver-project-calculator.

    Willow Creek Paving Stones


    03. Automated concrete and cement testing

    ELE International launched the ADR Touch Control Pro system, a new automatic control unit for concrete and cement testing. A key feature of the new machines is LAN connectivity for remote control via ELE’s PC-based app, known as ELE Logger. Laboratory staff can initiate and monitor tests away from the lab, and service staff can conduct remote diagnostics. A new 7-inch, high-resolution, color touch-screen is scratch and splash proof. Automatic sample loading is provided by a closed-loop microprocessor-controlled system, with automatic stress calculation. All test results are logged with the machine serial number, and load versus time is plotted in real-time.

    ELE International


    04. Updated website for stormwater and sewer systems

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) said it improved the functionality and increased the number of free online design programs and documents available on its website, www.ads-pipe.com, while making it more responsive across all platforms including mobile devices. The engineering library resource database available on the website now includes more than 850 reference documents with specific information for each of the 14 end markets served by the company plus the company’s products. Online design tools include the StormTech Design Tool, Nyloplast Drain Basin Configurator, FlexStorm Project Configurator, and Inserta Tee Configurator.

    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.


    05. High-visibility, full-length raincoat

    Galeton expanded its line of Illuminator Hi-Viz Workwear to include the #13231 Illuminator Class 3, Breathable 75 Denier Ripstop, 48-inch Black Bottom Raincoat. The full-length raincoat has two large exterior pockets and two interior pockets large enough to fit a tablet/iPad, all with zippers; is fully waterproof with polyurethane backing, taped seams, and storm flaps; and features smooth, mesh taffeta lining for easy on and off; two-way zipper and adjustable hood with a 3-inch stay-up flexible visor; and reflective piping. The raincoat meets ANSI Class 3 requirements. 



    06. Structural thermal breaks website

    Schöck North America launched an 88-page website, www.schock-na.com, on its line of Isokorb structural thermal break (STB) products, which are used in high-rise construction to thermally insulate concrete and steel structures that penetrate the building envelope. Four application sections on the website cover STBs for concrete and steel balconies, concrete slab edges, steel canopies and beams, and concrete parapets and steel rooftop connections. Each section compares applications with and without STBs in terms of energy savings and prevention of condensation, mold, and rust. Corresponding product pages detail 12 STB types categorized by concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel, or steel-to-steel connection methods.

    Schöck North America


    07. Hinged roof connector

    Simpson Strong-Tie said its new hinged roof connector makes it easier for modular builders to construct stick-frame roofs in the factory that will fold flat during shipping. The patent-pending MMHC connector features a hinge that rotates from open position to folded. It nails in place for easy installation. This connector has been tested and load rated in multiple directions. An offset nail pattern allows for installation on both sides of the roof rafter assembly. Simpson Strong-Tie also released its new Connectors & Fasteners for Modular Building catalog that includes connectors and fasteners that are ideally suited for factory-built structures.

    Simpson Strong-Tie


    08. Manufactured stone veneer guide

    The National Concrete Masonry Association and the Masonry Veneer Manufacturer’s Association published the 5th Edition of the Installation Guide and Detailing Options for Compliance with ASTM C1780 for Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV). This guide provides information and guidance on design and construction of adhered MSV systems. The updated guide includes recommendations on applying MSV over continuous insulation, an enhanced section on choice of mortars for MSV systems, and provisions for installation of MSV using cement board as a substrate. The Installation Guide is available as a free download at http://ncma-br.org/pdfs/masterlibrary/MVMA%20Installation%20Guide%205th%20Edition%201st%20Printing.pdf.

    National Concrete Masonry Association