Specify – November 2017


    01. Microsite for OSHA silica dust regulations

    Simpson Strong-Tie launched a silica dust microsite to help engineers and building professionals safely comply with the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust. Effective Sept. 23, 2017, OSHA mandated an 80 percent reduction in jobsite exposure to silica dust, a by-product from drilling into concrete and concrete blocks. The microsite features downloadable information and government documents — including a fact sheet, answers to common questions, and direct access to the silica construction regulations in both English and Spanish.

    Simpson Strong-Tie


    02. Retractable roof panels

    OpenAire installed 40 retractable roof panels on the custom-built Epic Waters waterpark enclosure in Grand Prairie, Texas. Epic Waters covers 80,000 square feet and includes a 62,000-square-foot indoor waterpark, holding the record for the largest indoor waterpark under a single custom curved retractable roof in the U.S. The retractable roof panels open and close at the touch of a button. The roof’s operable polycarbonate-paneled sliders are designed to allow them to close at the first sign of rain or cold to maintain ideal conditions inside.



    03. Updated building heights and areas calculator

    The American Wood Council and WoodWorks released a public beta version of an updated app to calculate maximum allowable heights and areas for buildings of various occupancy classifications and types of construction. The Heights & Areas Calculator is based on the provisions in the 2015 and earlier editions of the International Building Code. Users can input the proposed building height and area for any occupancy and the app shows allowable types of construction that are permitted. The “basic” version of the calculator limits building input to a single occupancy and equal floor areas for the entire building. An “advanced” option permits multiple occupancies and different floor areas.

    American Wood Council



    04. FRP wind fairings

    Composite Advantage LLC’s L-shaped fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) wind fairings improve the aerodynamic performance of bridge spans and eliminate the potential for undesirable dynamic responses. Each fairing contains an internal pedestrian walkway to accommodate inspection and maintenance activities. A recent design-build project, replacing the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge over the Piscataqua River, linking Maine and New Hampshire, installed two FRP fairings to provide a lightweight solution for a steel box lift span to stabilize the bridge during severe weather conditions and deflect high winds.

    Composite Advantage LLC



    05. High-visibility sweatshirt

    Galeton expanded its line of Illuminator high-visibility work wear to include the #13164 Illuminator Class 3 Hi-Viz 1/4 Zip Pull-Over Fleece-Lined Sweatshirt. The sweatshirt features a soft, lightweight fleece interior and two-way stretch segmented reflective stripes. A fabric zipper protective flap at the neckline adds neck comfort while wearing fully zipped up, Galeton said. A right hip zipper pocket provides space for keys or wallet. The sweatshirt meets ANSI Class 3, Type R high-visibility apparel standard.




    06. Rooftop safety straps

    Green Link Engineering introduced a family of custom-engineered, molded straps and caps for securing pipes and struts for its KnuckleHead rooftop support product line. Straps have been designed for both Heavy Pipe and Strut Support KnuckleHeads, while a cap design was developed for Lite Pipe Supports. All are molded from tough, weatherproof urethane and feature a “safety yellow” color. The Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead strap secures a 3-inch outside diameter pipe while the Strut Support strap fits steel or aluminum Unistrut-type channel.

    Green Link Engineering


    07. Decentralized wastewater systems

    Orenco Systems, Inc. introduced a redesigned website that it said features streamlined navigation and is mobile-friendly. The website offers information on application of the company’s decentralized wastewater collection and treatment systems, product descriptions, distributor locator, a document library, and training resources. The company’s products include community collection systems, advanced secondary treatment systems, watertight fiberglass tanks, and in-tank pumping and filtration systems, as well as standard, custom, and OEM controls and fiberglass buildings, tanks, and enclosures.

    Orenco Systems, Inc.


    08. Wireless concrete sensors and app

    The Transtec Group released a wireless option for the COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity system. Small, self-powered sensors placed in fresh concrete automatically measure temperature data at predetermined intervals and store data internally. When using COMMAND Center Wireless, the sensors connect to a reusable Sensor Reader Module that transfers the sensor data to the iOS app via Bluetooth, or stores data locally for later transfer. COMMAND Center Wireless also allows teams to immediately share data via email or Dropbox and create professional PDF reports right in the app.

    The Transtec Group