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Integrated Component Systems
Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced its Integrated Component Systems oFFering to truss manufacturers. The Integrated Component Systems line includes Simpson Strong-Tie Component Solutions software for roof and floor trusses and wall panels, along with a full line of code-listed truss connector plates. Component Solutions software is a powerful program providing manufacturers with the tools they need to efficiently design and manufacture trusses. Within the software, designers can model structures in an intuitive 3D environment, create and optimize truss and panel designs, send truss design information to Simpson Strong-Tie for engineering seals, and more. The company is working closely with users to expand functionality of the software on an ongoing basis. Simpson Strong-Tie is also producing a line of top-quality truss connector plates with some of the highest loads in the industry. Code listings for truss plate products include ICC-ES ESR-2762, Florida FL10495, and CCMC 13326-L and 13418-L.
Simpson Strong-Tie

Fabric buildings
Legacy Building Solutions’ Legendary Building Series is a line of fabric buildings that incorporates structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. Unlike hollow tube steel, Legacy’s solid structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube. Additionally, the structural steel has multiple coating options, including hot dip galvanizing, red oxide primer and powder coat paint. Legacy buildings feature high-quality polyethylene fabric roofs that eliminate the corrosion concerns associated with metal-constructed facilities. A wide variety of PVC fabrics are also available.
Legacy Building Solutions

Deck app
To help deck builders, advanced do-it-yourselfers and building material dealers design strong, stable and safe decks, Weyerhaeuser introduces the free Parallam+ Deck Beam Sizer app for iPhones and iPads. In the field or in the office, the app provides an easy way to figure out the correct size required for Trus Joist Parallam Plus PSL beams. With only three simple inputs the app quickly determines the correct beam size. It instantly emails you the proper supporting documentation for you to provide to the local building department, which can help approvals to finish the job.

Metal stud framing
Structural and non-structural metal stud framing, manufactured by TELLING Industries, LLC, received an evaluation report reissuance of ICC-ES ESR-2281 from ICC Evaluation Service, providing evidence that the structural and non-structural metal stud framing meets code requirements. TELLING structural framing products are engineered C-shaped members, roll formed with the highest-grade hot-dipped galvanized steel available. These framing members are intended for use in curtain wall, axial load-bearing walls, floor joists and roof truss applications. TELLING structural framing is manufactured in a vast variety of web sizes, flanges and gauge configurations.
TELLING Industries, LLC