Download the ICC-ES Evaluation Reports – Part 1

HP: Virtual workstation

HP’s new HP DL380z Virtual Workstation combines the company’s server technology, NVIDIA virtualization technology, and Citrix virtualization technology to support as many as eight users on one workstation. According to HP, by keeping the compute engine co-located with high-performance storage arrays in a data center, users can experience dramatically reduced project load times. The HP DL380z keeps intellectual property and other sensitive data centralized and secure by transmitting encrypted pixel data over LAN or WAN to remote users. It also allows for flexible IT management with a choice of pass-through GPU and virtual GPU modes that can be configured according to needs.

AASHTO: Highway drainage guidelines

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) published the AASHTO Drainage Manual, 1st Edition. The Drainage Manual, which supersedes AASHTO’s 2005 Model Drainage Manual, provides guidelines for establishing state-specific policy and procedures for the design of highway drainage facilities. The information in the manual is divided into two volumes: Volume One, Policy, provides guidelines for drainage design policies, criteria, and standards; and Volume Two, Procedures, provides hydrologic and hydraulic design procedures frequently used by highway hydraulics engineers.

L.B. Foster Company: Aluminum bridge deck

L.B. Foster Company signed an agreement to market AlumaBridge orthotropic bridge decking as the manufacturer’s exclusive North American sales channel. The lightweight extruded deck panels are designed with a solid road surface to minimize tire noise, improve skid resistance, and produce a smooth ride. The deck incorporates a skid-resistant epoxy bonded aggregate wearing surface. According to the company, aluminum bridge deck sections minimize traffic interruption and improve installation time significantly, compared with typical cast-in-place concrete bridge deck construction. The lightweight deck panels can be shipped by truck and arrive at the project site ready to install.

Autodesk: Infrastructure software suite

Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2015 combines intelligent, model-based tools for design and management of transportation, land, and water projects. Three editions are available — Standard, Premium, and Ultimate — with varying software products and services. Some enhancements in the suite include new capabilities in ReCap for visualizing, sharing, and taking measurements from scans in the cloud; and updated interface and workflow improvements in AutoCAD Map 3D that help simplify planning, mapping, and management tasks, plus enhanced database support for Oracle, Postgres/PostGIS, and SQL Server and a new capability to capture and embed Online Map Data.

Newforma: Mobile project information apps

Newforma released three mobile apps to improve project information management (PIM) in the field. The apps share information with Newforma PIM products used in offices and job trailers. Newforma Tasks app provides an interactive dashboard for assigning, reviewing, and updating project tasks; Newforma Capture app provides one place for capturing project data in the field; and Newforma Project Email provides instant access to emails that team members have filed using Newforma Project Center PIM software. The company also released a new version of the Newforma Plans app, which now allows users to create and locate field notes, punch list items, and action items on relevant drawings.

McMahon Associates, Inc.: Web-based asset management

McMahon Associates, Inc.’s Traisr is a web-based infrastructure and asset management application to help municipalities instantly access data about signs, roadways, bridges, utilities, signals, fleet operations, real estate developments, fiber, and other assets. It can be used on phones, tablets or computers, on or off the road. Traisr relies on GIS to help multiple users track, manage, maintain, and report on vital assets. Separate modules are available for asset management, work orders, emergency management, permits, inspections, and zoning.

Imetrum: Structural monitoring system

Imetrum signed a distribution agreement with RESPEC — an integrated consultancy and services firm with substantial experience in mining — to make Imetrum’s Video Gauge camera-based structural monitoring system available to the North American civil, structural, geotechnical, and mining communities. The Video Gauge is able to track a wide variety of structures. According to the company, movement can be monitored to less than 0.1 mm and recorded video data can be stored for analysis later, or processed and transmitted for real-time monitoring, with the aim of providing richer data and a quicker, more cost-effective method of assessing structural and geological movement.

Oldcastle Precast: Precast bridge bent caps

Oldcastle Precast’s Perris, Calif., plant manufactured three oversized precast concrete bridge bent caps for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company’s Colton Crossing Enhancement Project. The bent cap design makes use of an integral cap-to-column connection which supports the overpass superstructure. The bent caps supplied measured 11 feet, 8 inches by 5 feet by 51 feet, 6 inches; 11 feet, 8 inches by 5 feet by 74 feet, 6 inches; and the largest, 11 feet, 8 inches by 5 feet by 87 feet, 6 inches. Precast concrete bent caps are one approach to Accelerated Bridge Construction.