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Porous pavement
FilterPave Products LLC’s FilterPave porous pavement is a mix of recycled 100-percent post-consumer recycled glass for pedestrian applications and a stone and glass aggregate mix for vehicular applications. New colors add design flexibility to the poured-in-place system. According to the company, FilterPave has 38 percent porosity, resulting in a greater reduction in stormwater runoff and better resistance to clogging. A Solar Reflective Index of 29 mitigates the urban heat island effect and the elastomeric binder allows the pavement to flex and endure severe weather conditions.
FilterPave Products LLC

Aerial imagery basemaps
Esri and DigitalGlobe recently updated the ArcGIS World Imagery basemap service with more than 10 million square kilometers of high-resolution aerial views. The World Imagery map is a free map service for ArcGIS users. The new update includes 30 cm imagery for the continental United States down to 1:1,000 scale, and 60 cm imagery for large parts of Western Europe down to 1:2,000 scale. Throughout 2013, Esri and DigitalGlobe expect to grow the map with more than 100 million square kilometers of updated high-quality imagery.

Cloud-based project management
Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Project Management is cloud-based, requiring no software downloads and accessible from any device with a web browser. The application covers numerous project management functions, including job cost and progress reporting, project logging, submittal and RFI tracking, and project document storage and sharing. The program provides customized views for each user, many built-in apps (and tools to build your own), ability to drill down into project details, and free access to everyone in a company.
Dexter + Chaney

Infrastructure inspection app
Bentley Systems Inc. released InspectTech Collector Mobile that allows inspectors of transportation and infrastructure assets – from bridges and culverts to signs, light poles, antenna towers, stormwater networks, and more – to collect a range of inspection information, including photos and audio, in the field on their iPads. A streamlined interface delivers valid fields and drop-down boxes for inspection data. Inspectors can work with or without an Internet connection and synchronize with the firm’s home InspectTech solution via cloud services. Calculations are performed based on National Bridge Inventory and other inspection standards.
Bentley Systems Inc.

Pre-engineered headworks
Smith & Loveless Inc.’s PISTA Works Headworks System offers four headworks processes on one skid package. The pre-engineered, packaged, headworks system combines screening, grit removal, and grit washing into one integrated system. The system is pre-assembled and shipped direct to the job site on one truck. All equipment components are constructed of stainless steel. Additionally, the system comes with a PLC-based control system with touch screen.
Smith & Loveless Inc.

Precast engineered foundation
Hanson Pipe and Precast LLC offers the Kenner Chain Wall, which arrives onsite as a finished engineered foundation ideal for on-grade or elevated large electrical substations, equipment shelters, or other structures. The chain wall accommodates standard equipment shelter or pre-fabricated building lengths of 16, 20, and 28 feet with on-grade, elevated, or double elevated requirements up to 20 feet (custom sizes available). Foundation weight has been reduced as much as 50 to 70 percent compared with poured-in-place construction and can reduce or eliminate the need for pilings.
Hanson Pipe and Precast LLC

Ultraviolet disinfection system
Severn Trent Services launched the MicroDynamics Series OCS721 microwave-powered, open channel, ultraviolet system for municipal wastewater disinfection and water reuse applications. According to the company, it offers greater operating cost savings, lower whole-life cost, and long lamp life in a smaller footprint. Modules can be placed side by side in channels for design flexibility and to reduce civil works requirements. The system is National Water Research Institute validated for water reuse. The technology uses microwaves to energize low-pressure, high-output, electrodeless lamps.
Severn Trent Services

Crown Resources, a manufacturer of geotextiles for drainage, filtration, asphalt overlay, separation, stabilization, and erosion and sedimentation control applications throughout North America, achieved the Certificate of Compliance for the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP). NTPEP is a program under the sponsorship of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The NTPEP Evaluation Program for facilities producing geotextiles provides a comprehensive review of the production and testing of geotextiles and of the quality management system.
Crown Resources

Asphalt test system
IPC Global’s TSRSTplus Thermal Asphalt Multi-Test System allows users to perform low-temperature tests to AASHTO and EN Standards. The TSRSTplus comes ready to test TSRST – Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test; UTST – Uniaxial Tension Stress Test; TCT – Tensile Creep Test; and RT – Relaxation Test. The fully integrated system allows engineers to accurately perform tests to characterise the resistance of asphalt mixtures to low-temperature cracking. Three test stations provide the ability to test as many as three asphalt variants simultaneously under the same temperature ramp conditions
IPC Global