Product + Software Guide


    01. Best practices for RAP/RAS management

    Two free books from the National Asphalt Pavement Association help engineers make the most effective use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). Best Practices for RAP and RAS Management (Quality Improvement Publication 129) by Randy C. West, Ph.D., P.E., covers pavement milling, inventory management, processing, sampling, and testing of RAP and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS), as well as a discussion of production concerns. High RAP Asphalt Pavements: Japan Practice — Lessons Learned (Information Series 139) by West and Audrey Copeland, Ph.D., P.E., reports the findings of a 2014 industry scanning tour of Japan to study use of high levels of RAP in pavements and innovations for porous asphalt pavements.

    National Asphalt Pavement Association


    02. Cold-formed steel EPD

    The Steel Recycling Institute released the first industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track manufactured in the United States and Canada. The EPD quantifies the “cradle-to-gate” life cycle environmental impacts of these products. The EPD, based on a peer-reviewed life cycle assessment, can help designers achieve the credits required for building certification within LEED and other green building rating programs. Environmental implications of steel reuse, recovery, and recycling are reported in a separate module in the EPD to give users the ability to factor in their own end-of-life assumptions.

    Steel Recycling Institute


    03. Mobile app for PVC Pipe Standards

    The Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association released a mobile app that provides the most current PVC pipe products available meeting both AWWA and ASTM standards. The app is a useful reference tool to ensure that the most appropriate PVC pipes are specified for pipe projects. Included are PVC pipes in sizes from 4 to 60 inches for water mains, gravity sewers, sewer force mains, reclaimed water lines, storm sewers, and trenchless applications. The app provides available size ranges, joining systems, and applicable standards for each application; outside-diameter regimens for pressure pipes; and cross-section information and pipe stiffness values for sewer pipe.

    Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association


    04. Plastic netting handbook

    Conwed, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, launched its 2016 IDEA Book, a digital catalog that outlines the company’s capabilities, core products, and technologies. This new digital magazine includes a step-by-step description of how Conwed netting — used in filtration, landscape, and erosion control applications, as well as many industrial and consumer products — is made, the netting characteristics that can be customized, and how netting can be incorporated with other materials and substrates in diverse production processes. The Conwed IDEA Book was conceived as an e-handbook to guide prospects and customers when evaluating new materials.



    05. Above-grade pump station

    Smith & Loveless (S&L) shipped its first EVERLAST Wet Well Mounted Pump Station. The new EVERLAST product line consolidates all of S&L’s above-grade pump station models and equipment options under a single brand. EVERLAST pump stations are housed outside of and above the wet well, making operator maintenance dramatically safer, simpler, and more economical. EVERLAST pump stations feature the DURO-LAST Stainless Steel Baseplate with 25-year warranty, QUICKSMART Touch- Screen Station Controls, X-PELLER Non-Clog Impeller, and RapidJack Quick-Clean Check Valve.

    Smith & Loveless


    06. Wood veneer

    Contact Industries engineers products that bond real wood veneer and other wrap materials to metal, wood, and other common building materials. According to the company, this has led to hundreds of unique and effective ways to address perplexing issues around manufacturing efficiencies, architectural design, and sustainability. Contact’s veneer products can wrap real hardwood to any building material in any shape, allowing a uniform wood finish on structural elements. Applications have included steel columns, aluminum soffits, shutters, ceiling panels, and engineered substrates of varying shapes and planes.

    Contact Industries


    07. Field controller

    Topcon Positioning Group announced the latest addition to its line of data controllers — the FC-5000. The 7-inch sunlight-readable display field controller is compatible with all Topcon GNSS receivers and total stations, operating MAGNET Field, Site and Layout software. It has two builtin cameras — an 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash for field photography and a 2 MP camera on the front for video meetings — and 64 GB of flash storage. Additional features include an optional 4G LTE cellular modem, internal GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a battery life of more than 10 hours.

    Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.


    08. Wood connection calculator

    The American Wood Council’s Connection Calculator App calculates single-fastener capacities for bolts, nails, lag screws, and wood screws based on the provisions of the National Design Specification for Wood Construction. The free app allows for quick calculation of fastener capacity with the flexibility to customize a connection for a wide-variety of configurations and environmental conditions. The calculator can evaluate connections loaded in withdrawal or laterally (in single or double shear configurations). For connections loaded in shear, the calculator presents results for each of the NDS-prescribed yield modes, and calls out the controlling result.

    American Wood Council