Keeping Up


    Here in the Ozark foothills just like where you are, most likely the kids or grandkids are already out of school or will be soon, the back yard pools are all clean and inviting, lawns are nice and green, mosquitos the size of small airplanes are buzzing about, and the list of summer “to-do” projects is growing. Hopefully, in spite of all that, you’ll have time to read this June 2016 issue of Civil + Structural Engineer.

    We have a profile on Carl Walker, Inc., the world-renowned parking firm with a name that says “structured parking” just as Kleenex says “facial tissue.” Some might say that Carl Walker invented structured parking as we know it it is certainly one of, if not the brand name firm for design of parking structures and solving parking problems. The firms President and CEO Gary Cudney, P.E., is not only a working engineer but one heck of a nice guy as well!

    We also have an article on what Will Sims, an associate director at Arup, is doing with the firms configuration of Bentley Systems ProjectWise to adopt BIM processes, including a BIM Project Template so projects can be quickly and efficiently set up. Theres more, including how Smith Consulting Architects transformed a large industrial building into a 300,000-square-foot, two-level campus serving as the new Petco San Diego National Support Center.

    We also have an article on how Colorado Springs Utilities is constructing and commissioning technology to reduce SO2 emissions at one of its power plants. During pilot testing, researchers determined the best configuration of ductwork for the system was a combination of reinforced fiberglass with a steel exoskeleton. Another article presents how a new gas pipeline lateral installed on a steep, 2:1 slope faced severe erosion issues due to heavy Pacific Northwest rainfall. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions and erosion control distributor ACF West developed a comprehensive plan to correct the problem using geosynthetic concrete composite mats.

    Theres just so much good reading in our magazine that is essential to your ability to stay on top of your field. They say that 50 percent of all technical knowledge becomes obsolete every two years. Thats a lot. Even if it is only half that say 25 percent we have to keep learning whats happening, whats out there, and how people are dealing with problems and opportunities today if we are going to keep up. Thats why we are here. We think that our mission, our reason for existence to help make our readers better engineers, better managers, and better professionals is a worthwhile one.

    So enjoy the June issue of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine and have a great summer, too!

    Mark C. Zweig (