For engineering companies of any size, CAD outsourcing can help dramatically increase efficiency and decrease costs. Small and large companies alike can benefit from outsourcing models to increase their bandwidth, productivity, and output. That’s why, in recent years, CAD has become one of the most outsourced services in the world.

As competition for services continues to increase, companies must pay attention to the industry’s trend toward project “scalability” to stay viable. To remain competitive, engineers and designers are always looking for ways to improve the design process and deliver more value to their customers. One way many companies are improving client projects is tailoring their approach for different needs and requirements.

Businesses can partner with CAD outsourcing companies to set up a remote, dedicated team of designers that complement internal staff with reliable and affordable CAD services. This technique works for businesses around the world to manage outsourced projects in industries such as architectural design, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and publishing.

In general, CAD outsourcing can help lower costs and save time for compact design teams while maintaining the highest standards of quality for all projects — an important asset in today’s fiercely competitive global market. In fact, outsourcing design work can save companies 40 to 50 percent compared with in-house hires and eliminates the additional costs of computers, office space, software, and benefits.


To remain viable in today’s crowded and competitive market, it is crucial to offer in-demand products and services in a way that is attractive to businesses of all shapes and sizes. What sets some CAD outsourcing and external firms apart are their ability to individualize projects based on their clients’ specifications. Known as “scalability,” it is a company’s ability to tailor efforts to meet each project’s needs and accommodate growing requirements. Scalability is an emerging trend.

In order for scalability to be successful, communication needs to be the first priority for both the company — or client — and the outsourcing firm. The firm’s remote team of engineers must work with the client’s internal team to keep project objectives in mind at all times, and make sure the project scope reflects those goals.

No two companies are exactly alike and neither are a company’s projects. The scope and approach that was successful for one business could be completely wrong for another. Scalability allows each project to receive individual attention, and decreases time and money spent on approaches that will not garner successful results.

Much of Indovance’s success can be attributed to the company’s ability to scale projects to meet a firm’s and project’s specific needs. In turn, companies are lowering costs and increasing efficiencies while maintaining the highest standards of quality. In addition to offering scalability, developing personal relationships and flexible options for integration helps with any business relationship. It is crucial for clients to feel in full control of all outsourced projects.

Sandesh Joshi is president and co-founder of Indovance Inc. Prior to founding Indovance, he worked at SolidWorks Corporation as a senior R&D member.