Freedom in Trusting


    Brrrr…! Cold out there! Stay indoors if you can. Time to get a lot of work done without distractions like golf, motorcycles, and family beach vacations.

    I want to talk about one thing that every single one of our readers needs to hear — that’s trust. You will be trapped if you cannot trust the people who work for you, but also those you work with — and even those you work for.

    You have to trust people to do their jobs. As an engineer, you cannot do every job yourself. Yet that — as a self-reliant individual — is probably your tendency. When you do that, you will have no time. You will put yourself at the center of every single decision that needs to be made. You will demotivate everyone who works for you. You will, in short, not come close to optimizing your potential.

    Same thing applies to those you work with. You’ll alienate them and they’ll start wanting to shoot you in the back because they think that you think they’re dumb or incompetent. And those you work for — if you don’t trust them to do their jobs, you’ll be taking shots at them. That will get back to them and they’ll want to minimize you or run you off. All bad stuff, and all because you don’t trust people.

    So how about making trust something you will work on developing this year? It will help you get control over your life and improve your relationships with every single person you interact with. Let go and trust. Do it for a year, then send me an email at to let me know how your life has changed.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the January issue of Civil + Structural Engineer! We’ve packed it full of goodness. And if you don’t have time to read it all, try employing some trust for others and free up your time so you can!

    Mark C. Zweig