In early July, Zweig Group, publisher of Civil + Structural Engineer, announced its 2016 Hot Firm List, recognizing the 100 fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the United States and Canada from among the entrants, and the 2016 Best Firms To Work For Award, recognizing civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental, multidiscipline, surveying, and architecture firms in the U.S. and Canada based on their workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and more.

Hot Firms are ranked according to their three-year growth rate in gross revenue, with 50 percent of the ranking based on percentage growth and 50 percent based on dollar growth (for the years 2012 and 2015). The majority of revenue must be derived from architecture, engineering consulting, environmental or planning services. Interior design, landscape architecture, and design/build firms that provide design and construction are allowed to participate. Revenue in 2012 must have been greater than or equal to $1 million.

“Being on our Hot Firm List is harder than ever and even more of an accomplishment, as the overall A/E industry is hotter than I have seen it in over 36 years,” said Mark C. Zweig, founder and CEO, Zweig Group. “Firms on the list should be proud of their accomplishment. They are building value, creating good jobs, and truly making our world a better place.”

Following is the 2016 Zweig Group Hot Firm List:

  1. GATE, Inc.
  2. LJA Engineering, Inc.
  3. EN Engineering, LLC
  4. Huckabee
  5. WGI, Inc.
  6. The Vertex Companies, Inc.
  7. Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
  8. Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC
  9. Westwood Professional Services
  10. WSB & Associates, Inc.
  11. Ghafari Associates, LLC
  12. CMTA, Inc.
  13. Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
  14. Wakefield Beasley & Associates Architects, Inc.
  15. OHM Advisors
  16. Maser Consulting P.A.
  17. Ware Malcomb
  18. Jones|Carter
  19. CR architecture + design
  20. HAKS
  21. CobbFendley
  22. BIG RED DOG Engineering & Consulting
  23. Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)
  24. BSB Design, Inc.
  25. Cherokee Enterprises, Inc.
  26. Slater Hanifan Group
  27. Braun Intertec
  29. Gunda Corporation
  30. ESP Associates, P.A.
  31. Hill International, Inc.
  32. Garver
  33. CRB
  34. Long Engineering, Inc.
  35. Rincon Consultants, Inc.
  36. Brudis & Associates, Inc.
  37. Alliant Engineering, Inc.
  38. McAdams
  39. Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd.
  40. SEPI Engineering & Construction, Inc.
  41. FRCH Design Worldwide
  42. ESG Architects Inc.
  43. RPS Klotz Associates
  44. BKF Engineers
  45. Arora Engineers, Inc.
  46. Timmons Group
  47. Olsson Associates
  48. Pennoni
  49. Dawson Van Orden
  50. RTM Engineering Consultants, LLC
  51. P2S Engineering, Inc.
  52. Binkley & Barfield, Inc.
  53. BL Companies
  54. Marstel-Day, LLC
  55. Bartlett & West, Inc.
  56. BSI Engineering, Inc.
  57. CoreStates, Inc.
  58. ISG
  59. DCI Engineers
  60. Bowers + Kubota Consulting, Inc.
  61. Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc.
  62. Coffman Engineers, Inc.
  63. Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P.
  64. Apex Companies, LLC
  65. Mulhern & Kulp Structural Engineering
  66. Evista Industries, Inc.
  67. G2 Consulting Group, LLC
  68. Wade Trim
  69. ECS
  70. Fleis & VandenBrink
  71. WestLAND Group, Inc.
  72. Fehr Graham
  73. T&M Associates
  74. McCarthy Engineering
  75. JLG Architects
  76. HRP Associates, Inc.
  77. The Thrasher Group, Inc.
  78. Milhouse Engineering & Construction
  79. Ross & Baruzzini, Inc.
  80. Woodard & Curran
  81. W&M Environmental
  82. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
  83. HMT Engineering & Surveying
  84. EAPC Architects Engineers
  85. Universal Engineering Sciences
  86. Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants P.C.
  87. Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
  88. A. Morton Thomas and Associates
  89. Mead & Hunt, Inc.
  90. England, Thims & Miller
  91. SidePlate Systems, Inc.
  92. VHB
  93. David Evans and Associates, Inc.
  94. Metro Consulting Associates
  95. Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC
  96. Atwell, LLC
  97. Stonebrooke Engineering
  98. HR Green, Inc.
  99. PM Environmental
  100. SGA

Additionally, Zweig Group recognized firms outside the top 100 Hot Firms but that still experienced at least 20 percent growth over the last three years. The following 38 firms are Fast Growth Award winners:

  • SCJ Alliance
  • EnSafe, Inc.
  • HGOR
  • E2 Project Management, LLC
  • EHS Support, LLC
  • BrightView Design Group
  • Trigon Associates, LLC
  • CME Associates, Inc.
  • GEA Consulting Engineers
  • Kapur & Associates, Inc.
  • Larson Design Group, Inc.
  • Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
  • Arrow Engineering Inc.
  • JBA Consulting Engineers
  • Schnabel Engineering
  • Houston Engineering, Inc.
  • The S/L/A/M Collaborative
  • Integral Consulting, Inc.
  • Tata & Howard, Inc.
  • TowerPinkster
  • Wallace Engineering
  • LHB, Inc.
  • FOX Engineering Associates, Inc
  • The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.
  • Hillmann Consulting, LLC
  • Allana Buick & Bers
  • ESI Consultants, Ltd
  • Draper Aden Associates, Inc.
  • Karins and Associates
  • Chen Moore and Associates
  • SB Architects
  • 4 S.T.E.L. Engineering, Inc.
  • PPM Consultants
  • Xpera Group
  • Delta 3 Engineering, Inc.
  • Process Plus
  • Passero Associates
  • Svigals + Partners
  • &nbsp
  • Best Firms To Work For

Firms that applied to the 16th annual Best Firms To Work For Award were evaluated on firm culture, workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and more. This ranking recognizes the top civil engineering, structural engineering, multidiscipline, surveying, environmental services, and architecture firms in the country. At least 40 percent of firms’ 2015 fiscal year gross revenue must have been derived from the selected discipline or specific discipline services on a full-time basis. Firms must have a minimum of 10 full-time employees, at least five of whom are design or engineering professionals.

An extensive corporate survey, answered from a management point of view, included questions about firm organization and structure, benefits, office environment, community service, sustainability practices, profit sharing, professional development, training, and retirement plans, among other topics.

An anonymous employee survey provided employees’ perspectives as part of the evaluation. The employee survey included questions about the firm’s culture, leadership, business practices, work environment, technology, compensation, benefits, professional development, and employee recognition, among other topics.

For firms with 50 employees or more, a minimum of 40 percent of the firm’s staff must have completed the employee survey. For firms with fewer than 50 employees, a minimum of 60 percent of the firm’s staff must have completed the employee survey.

Following are the top-ranked firms in each category:

Civil Engineering

  1. Choice One Engineering
  2. Bowers + Kubota Consulting
  3. Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group
  4. Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc.
  5. McAdams

Structural Engineering

  1. Structural Focus
  2. Finley Engineering Group
  3. Schaefer
  4. Mulhern & Kulp Structural Engineering
  5. PCS Structural Solutions


  1. Garver
  2. Fitzemeyer & Tocci
  3. Bowers + Kubota Consulting
  4. Gale Associates, Inc.
  5. Passero Associates


  1. Jones|Carter
  2. Frank Surveying Co., Inc.
  3. WestLAND Group, Inc.
  4. McKim & Creed, Inc.

Environmental Services

  1. Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.
  2. P.W. Grosser
  3. Comprehensive Environmental, Inc.
  4. HELIX Environmental Planning, Inc.
  5. EHS Support, LLC


  1. TowerPinkster
  2. Huckabee
  3. JCJ Architecture
  4. JLG Architects
  5. EAPC Architects Engineers

View the full list of 2016 Best Firms To Work For Award winners at