Continuing your education


    Many Civil + Structural Engineer readers are licensed professionals, either engineer in training or professional engineers. With that registration comes the requirements that you get a minimum number of continuing education credits or hours during a prescribed time period. Did you know that those credits do not always have to be training in a purely technical subject? You may also be able to get credits in other subjects such as project management, financial management, business development, and other skills that can greatly enhance your career.

    It is important to develop your business skills. Your clients benefit because it can help you better understand their business. Your company benefits as it serves to advance your abilities to sell more work and improve client relations. Your career benefits as it gives you something that distinguishes you from the average engineer or technical professional.

    Don’t view continuing education as a burden, but instead an opportunity to learn more about the things that can benefit you, your firm, and the clients you serve. Check the state requirements where you are registered and start looking for interesting and enriching seminars and courses that meet the requirements. This is not about checking a box, it is about continuing to grow and evolve as a design and technical professional!

    Chad Clinehens, P.E., is Zweig Group’s president and CEO. Contact him at