Concrete products


    With the variety of concrete-related products on the market today, there is always something to learn about. One or more of these products — software, anchor bolts, rebar splicing systems, protective coatings, precast/prestressed concrete flooring products, concrete testing systems, or even wet curing blankets — could give your team an edge by saving time or money on your next project.

    In response to an open invitation from Structural Engineering & Design, a number of companies provided the following information about their products. Company web addresses are provided for immediate access to additional information. To participate in Structural Engineering & Design Specifiers Guides, visit

    Bentley Systems ( offers integrated concrete tools for concrete beams, columns, shear walls, reinforced and post-tensioned slabs, and foundations. Now its Integrated Structural Modeling provides the ability to integrate the structural project workflow — including modeling, analysis, design, documentation, and detailing — enabling engineers to dramatically increase project efficiency, reduce errors, and improve quality control.

    Cortec’s MCI Creteskin ( is an industrial-strength release agent containing migratory corrosion inhibitors (MCI). It’s designed to protect equipment, vehicles, and forms in the construction industry. This clear coating inhibits the adhesion of concrete, other cementitious materials, salts, and abrasives to painted and unpainted metal surfaces. It also provides corrosion protection to the underlying substrate, enabling continued use and a longer lifespan.

    Rapid Set rapid-hardening hydraulic cement products from CTS Cement Manufacturing Company ( exceed 3,000 psi in one hour. Rapid Set does not shrink, and it provides high sulfate resistance, chloride resistance, and permanent repairs, according to the company. Type K shrinkage-compensating products allow for installation of industrial-size floors and concrete structures with no curling, no drying or shrinkage cracking, and no control joints.

    The Taper-Lock is a taper thread mechanical rebar splice system offered by Dayton Superior ( Taper-Lock provides a Type 2 mechanical splice for use in tension, compression, and cyclic applications. Taper-Lock is approved in most states and has an ICC ESR 2481 report.

    Decon Studrails ( are the standard solution to punching shear control in flat plate structures. Studrails are also commonly used in place of hairpins to control the bursting stresses in banded post-tension anchor zones. Please review ICC-ES ESR-2494 and COLA RR#25395.

    Earth Anchor ( offers Manta Ray drive-type, tipping-plate earth anchor tieback systems for segmented retaining walls and post-installed foundation stabilization. The product is ideal for slopes or locations where excavation or property line constraints exist. Each anchor is load tested during installation. See the company at World of Concrete 2010, Booth S11711.

    The Lenton Lock S-Series, part of the Lenton Lock Mechanical Rebar Splicing System from ERICO (, is smaller than competitive products and has fewer bolts. This helps reduce installation time and saves money on the jobsite. The S-Series is ideal for use in repair, bent bar, retrofit, precast closure pour, and new construction applications. It features patented gripping technology that provides overall structural integrity in tension, compression, and stress-reversal applications.

    Florida Precast Industries (FPI) ( says it is an industry pioneer, committed to being the most responsive partner and innovative provider of precast products and solutions. FPI is a Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)-certified plant that provides structural precast hollow-core floor, roof plank, precast stairs, and precast landing slabs to the construction industry.

    GT STRUDL’s ( reinforced concrete design feature of its Structural Design & Analysis Software is used to design beams, columns, one-way slabs, shear walls, and two-way flat plate and flat slab structures per ACI-318 and BS8110. With special member, floor slab, and wall panel automatic generation capabilities, even complex reinforced concrete building structures are easily modeled.

    IDS ( develops and markets three software products for concrete bridge design and analysis: Bridge Designer II (BD2) for 2D structural design analysis; BD3 for 3D structural design analysis; and MC3D for bridge construction and geometry control. IDS products are targeted to designers of concrete and composite bridges.

    Acoustic Concrete Tester from Inspection Instruments, Inc. ( evaluates concrete bridge decks, pavements, retaining walls, slabs, tunnel liners, and footings without coring. Light and simple to use, it quickly examines if a concrete element is built to the specified thickness and aids in reassuring that it is free of flaws. It also features ultrasonic echo technology.

    Kelken ( manufactures structural chemical anchoring adhesives and anchors for a variety of applications.

    LUSAS ( bridge analysis software was successfully used on the Dubai Metro Light Rail project to model concrete viaduct structures. This involved seismic analysis to AASHTO LRFD and the calculation of design moments from seismic and modified load combinations to a United Kingdom code for use with pile and pier design.

    Midas FEA (, Detail FE Analysis, provides finite element analysis with built-in CAD geometry modeler and auto-mesh generators, linear, nonlinear material/geometry/interface, nonlinear concrete crack, reinforcement and tendon-in-shell/solid elements, fatigue, linear dynamic, construction stage, and buckling analyses. Midas Gen 2010 Building and General Structures provides analysis of static, dynamic, pushover, inelastic time history, material/geometry nonlinear, masonry structures, cables, pre/post-tensioning, time-dependant material models, column shortening, construction stage, and heat of hydration analyses. Midas Civil 2010 Bridges provides 3D analysis and design for curved/straight girder, composite, segmental post-tensioning, suspension, cable-stayed, skewed slab, frame, arch, and culvert bridges with live-load optimizers.

    Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc. ( produces eco-Smart precast concrete products and building systems, including architectural and structural components, double tees, insulated wall panels, hollow-core plank, and residential ConCoreFloor. Products have the following LEED considerations: durable, strong, minimal finishing for floors and walls, fire and impact resistant, energy efficient, plant produced, and produced with natural materials.

    Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI, provides technical guidance on the design, construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of post-tensioned concrete structures. PTI publishes informative technical manuals and guides covering most aspects of post-tensioning. In addition, PTI publishes a Technical Journal, newsletters, technical notes, frequently asked questions, and technical updates, which provide in-depth discussion and analysis of issues pertinent to designers.

    Powers Fasteners ( is a private company specializing in manufacturing and marketing quality anchoring and fastening products for concrete, masonry, and steel. Powers, formerly known as Rawl, has been providing innovative fastening solutions for more than 85 years. Contact Powers to provide answers to your fastening needs at the jobsite.

    RISA-3D ( says it is the premiere choice for the design of concrete beams and columns. With finite element analysis, the design of both conventional and unconventional framing layouts is possible. T-Beam design, biaxial column design, custom rebar layouts, and 11 design codes all combine to make RISA-3D a flexible solution.

    A leading Midwest provider of architectural and structural precast concrete products to the construction industry, Spancrete ( says it is an industry pioneer, committed to being the most responsive partner and innovative provider of precast products and solutions. All Spancrete facilities are PCI certified and supply precast concrete products to the entire Midwest region.

    Structural Desktop (SDT, integrates STAAD Pro, RISA 3D/RISAFloor, GT STRUDL, and SAP2000 with AutoCAD. Users can build analytical models inside AutoCAD, import those models into their analytical programs for analysis and design, and then import those models back into SDT for automatic creation of annotated AutoCAD DWG contract drawings.

    Tekla Structures ( is a building information modeling (BIM) solution for concrete contractors, rebar detailers, and structural engineers. Tekla Structures provides a model-based solution where construction details are stored in one 3D model. Details include concrete shapes, mix information, rebar types, quantities, and more. Drawings are generated automatically from the model.

    Visi-Barrier precast polymer concrete panels by Transpro Industries Inc. ( are used for median barriers, tunnel panels, bridge parapets, and rails. The retro reflective safety stripe gives high visibility in all weather conditions. The bright, white surface resists salts, chlorides, and corrosion. Visi-Barrier can be custom designed to fit a wide variety of sites.

    According to Universal Forest Products Inc. (, one of the best methods to achieving proper cement hydration, reducing discoloration, and producing highly wear-resistant concrete floors other than wet curing is through the use of its patented UltraCure brand. These wet curing blankets outperform other curing blankets by laying flatter on the surface and offering superior water retention, which allows the concrete to achieve optimal hydration for the entire curing period. The traditional use of wet curing concrete flooring can add as much as 25 percent to the life of the slab.