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    BOXX Technologies’ APEXX 2 2403 workstation features a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor overclocked to 4.8 GHz.

    BOXX introduces ‘world’s fastest’ workstation

    BOXX Technologies’ APEXX 2 2403 workstation features a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor overclocked to 4.8 GHz.

    BOXX Technologies introduced APEXX 2 2403, which it claims is the world’s fastest workstation, featuring a 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core i7 processor overclocked to 4.8 GHz. According to BOXX, the latest Intel processors offer a significant performance increase over previous Intel technology and it is the only workstation manufacturer offering the new micro architecture safely overclocked and backed by a three-year warranty.

    In terms of sustained performance, the integration of an overclocked, 7th generation Intel Core i7 7700K processor makes the BOXX APEXX 2 2403 nearly 10 percent faster than the standard edition APEXX 2 2203, which offers a base clock speed of 4.2 GHz. The overclocked APEXX 2 reaches 4.8 GHz and sustains that frequency across all cores.

    The new workstation also features advanced liquid cooling and a compact chassis. It is available with up to two, full-length NVIDIA or AMD Radeon Pro professional graphics cards, solid state drives, and a gold-level power supply.

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    GeoSLAM updates indoor mapping registration software

    Used in conjunction with the ZEB-CAM camera accessory, it is possible to visualize synchronized imagery alongside the point cloud within the viewer.

    GeoSLAM, a developer of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)-based mobile indoor mapping systems, launched Desktop V3, the company’s newest release of its SLAM registration software. GeoSLAM Desktop V3 provides increased functionality to view, edit, and define results.

    GeoSLAM Desktop V3 incorporates a 2D and 3D viewer such that registered point clouds can be immediately viewed without moving to third-party software. Used in conjunction with the ZEB-CAM camera accessory, it is possible to visualize the synchronized imagery alongside the point cloud within the viewer. This additional contextual information is valuable for feature identification within the point cloud, the company said.

    Following implementation of user-definable SLAM parameters, users can optimize processing to suit the environment in which data was collected. Users can choose from a range of parameters, including bounding box size, place recognition, loop closure, and the ability to end processing early.

    Once point cloud registration has been optimized, Desktop V3 allows users to select from a large range of output options, including format, point and spatial decimation, normal, time-stamping, and point rendering. This array of user-defined outputs allows for greater integration with third-party point cloud post-processing packages, the company said.

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    Lenovo introduces three mobile workstations

    Lenovo’s virtual reality-ready ThinkPad P71 is MIL-SPEC tested and offers a dual-fan cooling system for more reliable use in the field.

    Lenovo Workstations introduced three mobile workstations — Lenovo ThinkPad P51s, P51, and the virtual reality (VR)-ready ThinkPad P71.

    The ThinkPad P51s is the lightest and thinnest mobile workstation ever developed by ThinkPad, shaving off more than half a pound of weight from the previous generation. The mobile workstation features Intel’s 7th generation Core i7 processors and the latest NVIDIA Quadro dedicated workstation graphics, as well as a 4K UHD IPS display with optional IR camera. It also offers Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology with docking solution, giving users ultra-fast connectivity and the ability to move massive files in an instant, the company said.

    Lenovo’s new ThinkPad P51 – including 4K IPS display with 100 percent color gamut and X-Rite Pantone color calibrator — and the first-ever VR-ready ThinkPad P71 are MIL-SPEC tested and offer a dual-fan cooling system for more reliable day-to-day use in the field. The new workstations feature new 2400-MHz DDR4 memory — the fastest memory available in a mobile workstation, Lenovo said — and the latest Intel Xeon processors for mobile workstations. The ThinkPad P71 can handle as many as four storage devices.

    In the P71, the NVIDIA Pascal-based Quadro GPUs comes equipped with full Oculus and HTC certifications, along with NVIDIA’s VR-ready certification.

    The Lenovo ThinkPad P51s, available in March, starts at $1,049; the ThinkPad P51 and P71, available in April, start at $1,399 and $1,849, respectively.

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    DKS Associates and iSoftStone North America partner to provide smart transportation solutions

    DKS Associates and iSoftStone North America announced a partnership to offer new services that integrate DKS’s intelligent transportation offerings with iSoftStone’s smart city solutions. This collaboration provides the public and private sector with comprehensive, end-to-end services across the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domain, the companies said.

    The combined technology and service offerings will initially focus on helping government entities benefit from data-driven, next-generation transportation planning and engineering. Moving forward, DKS and iSoftStone will leverage their combined global experience to develop products and services — including civic technologies, transportation engineering, Internet of Things, wireless telecommunications, and business intelligence — that support customers in the emerging smart cities space in North America. Together, the companies expect to demonstrate how advanced data, ITS technologies, and smart city solutions can be used to reduce congestion, keep travelers safe, protect the environment, respond to climate change, connect underserved communities, and support economic vitality.

    DKS and iSoftStone also announced a new packaged solution offering to provide a more agile, data-driven approach to transportation planning and investment decisions. Combining process consulting, engineering expertise, and new data-related technologies, the hosted solutions combine existing data, sensor feeds, and untapped external information sources into a consolidated analytics portal with interactive data-discovery tools. These systems allow transportation planners to provide more effective, measurable decision making based on real-time information and analysis, in support of the constantly changing requirements faced by modern cities.

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    Topcon ES-60 total station offers advanced data transfer

    Topcon’s ES-60 total station features advanced reflectorless capabilities and upgraded data transfer functionality.

    Topcon Positioning Group released the latest addition to its ES total station series in the Americas, the ES-60. Featuring advanced reflectorless capabilities and an upgraded data transfer functionality, the ES-60 is designed to provide an entry-level total station option with an electronic distance measurement range of up to 350 meters, 4,000 meters with a prism, the company said. The instrument also offers a USB option for quick and easy data transfer.

    According to Topcon, the ES-60 offers 2- and 5-arc second accuracies and is ideal for land surveying, topography, construction layout, foundations, and exterior job sites as well as as-built projects. Additional features include 10,000 points of memory, a battery life of as long as 15 hours, dual axis compensation, a waterproof design, and a laser pointer.

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