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Sometimes it helps to stop for a moment to just sit down and grade the things we do. Someone once said, “True genius resides in the unfiltered capacity for self-evaluation.” Truth is, there’s nothing quite like some good old fashion “self-evaluation” to really get teams calibrated on the things that must be improved in our various enterprises. Certainly this is true in the recruiting and selection enterprise. The aim of this column is to demonstrate how you might effectively and honestly evaluate the two unified but separate entities that are likely involved in your firm’s talent selection activities: 1) The HR/Recruiting Team; and 2) The Hiring Team.

The hiring process is highly detailed and complex. It can be fraught with all sorts of problems – logistical problems, technical problems, communication problems, process breakdowns, etc. Perhaps your recruiters don’t know how to effectively find the best people. Or, if they find them, perhaps they don’t know how to screen them adequately. Alternatively, perhaps your hiring managers are sluggish and distracted in the selection process. Perhaps they don’t communicate well with your HR Team. Whatever the problems, in most cases the core issue is that companies simply have not set in place the tactics and practices necessary to hire top talent effectively. Instead, the selection process is a patchwork of elements that everyone sort of hopes will just “fall into place” when a candidate comes along. They’re not thoughtful, efficient, nor effective in many cases. And worse yet, nobody really feels too badly about it (hence the self evaluation).

So take this little exercise if you really want to be confronted with where the problems are. Honestly grade the HR/Recruiting Team and the Hiring Team segments below (be sure to grade your own team as well!). Rate the competencies under each team’s segment from 1 to 5, with 5 being fantastic and 1 being, well, not so fantastic. Add your scores up to see how well your teams are doing and where the problem areas are. Are your problems evenly distributed across both teams or does one team seem to be particularly problematic? Be sure to share your results across both teams.

Jeremy Clarke is director, Executive Search Consulting for ZweigWhite. He can be contacted at 479-582-5700 or at jclarke@zweigwhite.com.