2013 Rising Stars in Structural Engineering


    The 2013 Rising Stars in Structural Engineering are pushing the profession to new heights. A generation born into the technological revolution, they are advancing the use of new materials and techniques. They are also involved in academia, helping further the safety of the built environment. We are better off because of them.

    In only its second year, the 2013 Rising Stars in Structural Engineering attracted a substantial number of entries. We would like to thank the employers of these young engineers for providing them the opportunity to excel and for taking the time to prepare the applications.

    Here are the 15 impressive young structural engineers the editors of Structural Engineer settled on after a deliberative selection process.

    Congratulations to this year’s Rising Stars!

    Michael Brennan, P.E.
    Morrison-Maierle, Inc.,
    Helena, Mont.
    Title: Structural Engineer
    Age: 30

    Michael Brennan always gives his best and is respected by his peers. He is willing to donate his technical expertise and free time to local non-profit organizations, and he has a track record of finding innovative technical solutions that fit his client’s needs. That includes lead structural design for the award-winning headworks facility at the Missoula, Mont., Wastewater Treatment Plant, which included the evaluation of extreme dewatering alternatives with a recommendation of using a cofferdam and tremie-poured concrete seal at the base of the excavation. Brennan volunteers in several community and professional organizations. He is experienced in the design and construction of buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, and miscellaneous structures.

    Jeffrey Callow, P.E., LEED AP BD+C
    Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.,
    New York, N.Y.

    Title: Senior Associate
    Age: 32

    Jeffrey Callow’s tenure with Thornton Tomasetti has seen his transition from an intern to a senior associate. As he has grown into a managerial role, Callow is using his talents to teach and mentor younger staff. Callow has been the project manager for the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the past several years. He managed Thornton Tomasetti’s New York design team as well as organized efforts spanning over multiple Thornton Tomasetti offices throughout the project duration. Callow’s structural engineering experience includes various new design construction projects, studies and peer reviews. Callow has used his talents to reach out to students through various lectures and tours of project sites.

    Patrick Cronin, P.E.
    KSI Professional Engineers, LLC,
    Farmingdale, N.J.

    Title: Partner
    Age: 34

    Patrick Cronin jumped to action when Sandy hit the New York area in October. Cronin led the KSI team, assessing the damage and spearheading new internal systems. A new program was created specifically for homeowners that included lower pricing for storm assessment. KSI has completed structural reviews and assessments of storm damage for over 400 homes, thanks to Cronin’s leadership. After the storm, he organized and chaired an afternoon meeting with over 50 Jersey shore architects and builders where experts shared their experiences. He will continue to educate the KSI staff and share as much up-to-date information with peers as possible on the rebuilding of storm affected areas.

    Larry Fahnestock, Ph.D., P.E.
    University of Illinois
    at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Ill.
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Age: 39

    Larry Fahnestock is a rising leader in structural engineering research, education and service, demonstrating excellence in these three arenas. He is directly responsible for multiple high-impact research projects with funding of over $2.5 million from several agencies. With his collaborators and graduate students, he has published 22 papers in top structural engineering journals. Fahnestock is currently involved in multiple projects related to behavior, design and performance of innovative seismic-resistant steel structural systems for buildings. His award-winning research on buckling-restrained braced frames, which he conducted as a graduate student, influenced the current design provisions. He is also leading an extensive study on low-ductility braced frame systems that are commonly used in moderate seismic regions of the U.S.

    Christopher R. Fournier, P.E.
    H.E. Bergeron Engineers, Inc.,
    North Conway, N.H.

    Title: Senior Project Engineer, Structural Group Leader
    Age: 30

    In seven short years, Christopher Fournier has proven his technical and management capabilities as an excellent structural engineer, completing his transition from project engineer to senior project engineer/manager and successfully leading over 150 projects, including municipal and U.S. Forest Service bridges, towers, commercial and residential building design and assessment projects throughout New England. He was invited to join HEB’s shareholder group and became Structural Group Leader in 2012. Following Tropical Storm Irene, Fournier was instrumental in designing a temporary solution to the high-profile Loon Mountain Bridge seriously damaged during the storm. He is a member of Structural Engineers of New Hampshire, ASCE, the Structural Engineering Institute, and is active in the local community.

    Emily Guglielmo, P.E.
    Martin/Martin, Inc., Larkspur, Calif.
    Title: Senior Structural Engineer

    Emily Guglielmo has pushed the design envelope via her utilization of less common composite and glass solutions to engineer new structural systems and products. Guglielmo has been continuously involved in managing projects at Martin/Martin over the past eight years. She manages many large and complex projects, from schematic design through construction. Guglielmo’s involvement in management has recently increased exponentially with her relocation and her opening of a new branch office of Martin/Martin in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is responsible for the management of the office, including day-to-day operations and staffing. Besides being a noted speaker and researcher, Guglielmo recently joined the Steel Tube Institute technical committee and will work in that capacity in the coming year.

    Anthony J. Lamanna, Ph.D., P.E.
    Lamanna Engineering Consultants, LLC,
    Metairie, La.

    Title: Chief Engineer
    Age: 37

    Anthony Lamanna founded Lamanna Engineering Consultants to provide civil and structural engineering inspections, designs and consulting services in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. He was an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tulane University until the department was closed following the hurricane. He continues to teach at the University of New Orleans, where he is an adjunct professor. Due to his strong academic background and the ability to explain complicated engineering concepts to various audiences, Lamanna has served as an expert to both plaintiff’s and defendant’s legal representation, and provided reports and testimony as a court-appointed expert in Federal Court. Lamanna authored two books: Coastal Construction: An Illustrated Mitigation & Strengthening Guide and, STATICS – Teacher’s Notes for 15 Engineering Mechanics Lessons.

    Jeremy Livermore, P.E., M.A.
    Orange, Calif.
    Title: Structural Engineer
    Age: 32

    Jeremy Livermore is the 2011 National New Face of Civil Engineering award recipient (selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers and National Engineers Week) and the 2012 California "Top 20 under 40" award recipient for ENR magazine. He was recently invited to speak on transformational leadership to 600 people at the 2011 Engineers Without Borders conference. Livermore just returned from the earthquake damaged region of Christchurch, New Zealand, where he assisted the rebuilding effort by providing post-disaster structural assessments. He has also traveled to developing nations such as Uganda and Liberia to assist in post-war relief efforts and has assisted in forming the AECOM Engineers Without Borders partnership/sponsorship program.

    Joseph Magallanes, P.E., S.E.
    Karagozian & Case, Glendale, Calif.
    Title: Principal Engineer
    Age: 34

    In his role at Karagozian & Case, Joseph Magallanes focuses on the analysis and design of structures subjected to static and dynamic loads, especially those occurring in blast, impact and shock environments. Magallanes has developed theoretical and experimental experience related to developing, implementing, and validating both implicit and explicit nonlinear HFPB FE analyses. He regularly employs these approaches to predict structural responses to shock, impact and blast loads. He has also been trained in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian techniques to model coupled fluid-structure interaction. Magallanes recently led several multi-year research and development contracts for K&C to develop fast-running models for the structural response and debris throw for building components subject to weapons effects.

    Elisabeth Malsch, P.E., Ph.D.
    Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., New York, N.Y.
    Title: Associate
    Age: 35

    Elisabeth Malsch has achieved incredible professional growth in her position and made immense contributions to the firm. She has almost single-handedly created the forensic information model (FIM) – an interactive computer graphic model that has been used to organize, visualize and analyze data related to several high-profile forensic investigation projects. FIM has expanded within the firm and is now almost a de facto component of most of the firm’s high-profile investigations. Malsch is the leader of advanced analytics at TT. She played a lead role on the I-35 West Bridge Collapse forensic investigation in Minneapolis. Malsch serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York. She has mentored at The Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Chad R. O’Donnell, P.E., S.E., LEEP AP BD+C
    HGA Architects and Engineers, Milwaukee, Wis.
    Title: Associate Vice President, Director of Structural Engineering

    Chad O’Donnell is responsible for the overall structural design of all projects done by HGA’s Milwaukee office, leading the structural team and leading collaboration and integration with the client, contractors and other members of the design team. He also leads HGA’s civil/structural council, a group of engineering leaders that works to develop tools and processes that help HGA’s design teams work more efficiently and effectively through an interdisciplinary team process. O’Donnell feels that the goal of the structural engineering team is to meet the client’s needs while finding options that are flexible and adaptable to future programming, equipment and technology needs. O’Donnell serves in countless professional organizations and has served as president of the Southeast Wisconsin Branch of ASCE and as Branch Director of the Wisconsin Section of ASCE.

    Jason A. Partain, P.E.
    Structural Design Group, Inc., Birmingham, Ala.
    Title: Project Manager
    Age: 32

    One of the more challenging aspects of Jason Partain’s work has been to provide peer reviewed drawings and calculations for tornado storm shelters. Last year, he designed a fully REVIT integrated $16 million Department of Health Facility for Jefferson County, Ala. A wood design specialist, Partain’s wood frame Habiframe Tornado Storm Shelter was recently nominated for the Engineering Award Category under the WoodWorks Design Awards. He has also partnered with WoodWorks to develop a case study on the use of RISA structural engineering software to design a wood-framed structure. He is a member of the Wood Design Standards Committee and has worked on the 2012 Special Design Provisions for Wind & Seismic and the 2012 Wood Frame Construction Manual.

    Jonathan J. Sigman, P.E., LEED AP
    Collins Engineers, Inc., Charleston, S.C.
    Title: Project Manager
    Age: 38

    After being one of the leaders of the Thornton Tomasetti team investigating the Big Blue crane accident at Miller Park, Jonathan Sigman has focused on structural inspections and mentoring younger staff in inspection work and report writing. He has spent his career both performing structural work and guiding younger engineers, teaching up-and-coming engineers at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University. After performing multiple post-disaster assessments after floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, Sigman joined Collins to head up their building design practice, where he incorporates his engineering experience and communication skills to develop new business, guide younger staff, and contribute to the structural design work of Collins’ building team. Sigman is a volunteer in several organizations, including the ACE Mentor program.

    Kelly Streeter, P.E.
    Vertical Access LLC, Guilford, Conn.
    Title: Partner
    Age: 37

    Kelly Streeter leads hands-on specialized building and testing investigations for Vertical Access nationwide. She is a SPRAT certified Level 3 industrial rope access supervisor and her experience includes numerous historic structures, including the United States Capitol Dome in Washington, D.C. and the Chrysler Building in New York City. She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and colleges and is currently an adjunct faculty member in the School of Civil Engineering at Manhattan College, where she teaches a graduate level course in the Restoration of Historic Buildings. Streeter is also a partner at TPAS LLC, where she is active in the development of direct-to-digital software. Streeter is a member of several industry committees.

    Mark Waggoner, P.E., S.E., P.Eng.
    Walter P Moore, Houston, Texas
    Title: Principal
    Age: 37

    Mark Waggoner is one of Walter P Moore’s most diversely experienced principals and a founding member of the firm’s Austin-based Research and Development Group. He has focused on the design of long-span and kinetic roof structures for stadiums and arenas, contributing to the design of 10 major professional sports venues in the U.S. and internationally. Waggoner has special expertise in the development of innovative structural systems utilizing alternative materials and structural forms, as well as delivery of digital design models for downstream manufacturing use. He is also actively engaged in research to develop new techniques to mitigate disproportionate collapse. He serves on several committees of ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute, and has contributed to the growth of the Austin Chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Texas.