Stuttgart, Germany — VCmasters’ intuitive software concept supports engineers to perform structural analysis calculations efficiently. “The intelligent software is seamlessly woven into the already familiar planning process.” said Veit Christoph, founder and CEO of Veit Christoph GmbH, the home of VCmaster, an independent software house based in Germany.

Algorithms can be created quickly and easily without any prior programming knowledge. VCmaster interprets and calculates formulas intuitive and fully automated. The software allows the engineer to solve, document and utilize recurring calculations again and again.

The formula editor implemented in VCmaster is an accurate tool to input formulas in exact mathematical terms. The novel element to the editor is that units of measurement can be calculated automatically. Providing target units of measurement guarantees that formulas are always calculated correctly regardless the underlying variable. This innovative function is tremendously helpful to avoid mistakes while copying formulas or templates.

“Not only proves this tool to be invaluable by being a cost saver, it also helps saving time by making subsequent controls and complicated amendments unnecessary.” Christoph said.

This feature is particularly useful when working with units of measurement from different countries and not just the countries using SI units.

Thanks to the automated calculations VCmaster unburdens engineers from standard tasks and helps them focus on what is substantial.

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