Berkeley, Calif. — 3DR announced that it has integrated Site Scan with Pix4D, a photogrammetry processing engine, to help users create more accurate and detailed data products. Site Scan is already integrated with the Autodesk ReCap processing engine, so with the addition of Pix4D the company is now offering multi-engine photogrammetry processing for data products.

According to the company, multi-engine processing, combined with the high-resolution photos from Site Scan’s Sony R10C camera, delivers results that consistently rival LiDAR and traditional surveying when it comes to accuracy. With this combination, one of 3DR’s customers was able to achieve accuracy levels within a tenth of an inch of terrestrial LiDAR,

The company said that it also made improvements that deliver processed data three times faster, allowing users to process five times more photos at once — 2,500 photos in total.