DALLAS, TEXAS — A recent nationwide survey by the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) of key customers of drainage pipe found that concrete pipe rated highest on several of the criteria used to make decisions on such purchases. The survey of more than 400 specifiers, department of transportation (DOT), and other public agency officials, consultants, and contractors was taken in November 2011.

Among specifiers, DOT/public agency officials, and consultants, concrete pipe was rated best among all pipe products on several key criteria, including most durable (87.3 percent), easiest to design or specify (62.1 percent), least flammable (84.1 percent), least installation inspection required (54.5 percent), least installation sensitive (62.1 percent), and “greenest” (34.1 percent). When asked “If price were not an issue, which pipe would you specify,” 84.6 percent chose concrete pipe.

Contractors were separately asked to rate the various pipe options on three key criteria. Concrete pipe was their overwhelming choice based on longest service life (59.3 percent) and least installation sensitive/least dependent on backfill (65.6 percent). PVC pipe (44.0 percent) ranked highest on ease of installation.

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