Welcome to your 2.2.17 SCIA

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1. The finite element method is a numerical technique for finding solution to partial differential equations with specific boundary conditions.
2. What are the three types of local mesh refinements in SCIA Engineer?
3. What is the recommended error percentage limit for the quality of numerical solution after using the automatic mesh refinement?
4. The method of automatic mesh refinement is based on superconvergent patch recovery.
5. All meshing in SCIA Engineer must be manually created.
6. What load cases are used in the automatic mesh refinement example?
7. Integration strips can be used to convert 2D member results into “equivalent beam” results.
8. Which of these was not used as a “mesh example” during the webinar?
9. The feature in SCIA Engineer that allows users to view and animate the rigid body mode of the structure is:
10. It is possible to register for and receive a trial version of SCIA Engineer?