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  1. How does working on “virtual” project teams open firms up to potential risks?

2. When utilizing Newforma to search for project documents, what are the limitations of the search?
3. How can your team protect themselves when being part of a “virtual” project team?
4. How important is it to have a thorough record of project emails on a modern design project?
5. What percentage of attendees at Newforma’s recent Executive Engineering Roundtable event series have been involved in legal discovery, but feel unprepared to tackle it again?
6. What types of files can Newforma search?
7. Who has access to project data through Newforma?
8. If 10 people on your internal company project team save the same email in Newforma:
9. Newforma can find keywords in the following:
10. What problem was pictured in the photo of the engineer’s desk in our story?