Wise words

In our professional work, we are creating the infrastructure to support our communities, so it’s only fitting that we lend our time and money to help these communities thrive and prosper.
Joe Hart, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

Nothing like[LEED] quite exists for transportation projects, nor water projects and others… We as a profession ought to be thinking about that.
Samuel I. Schwartz, P.E., Sam Schwartz Engineering

Our team has recognized our role and obligation to participate in the legislative process, and the team-building that occurred was unmatched.
Bill Siegel, P.E., Kleinfelder

While the civil engineering profession will continue to utilize an array of computer models, our clients will rely on us to confirm the constructability of the solution generated by the computer, interpreting the results in the context of the unique project conditions and verifying design decisions in the context of other disciplines and trades.
Jay Ruby, P.E., Ruby+Associates, Inc.

Your paycheck comes from your clients, and great project managers invest in their future through building rich relationships with people they can help — both today and tomorrow.
John D. Doehring Jr., J. Doehring & Co.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will re-energize communities and help restore confidence in the nation’s transportation, education, utility, and technology infrastructure. This is a time for hand-raising and aggressive participation in this program. We all should be ready to get to work re-engineering America.
Jeff Kimball, P.E., L. Robert Kimball & Associates

Evaluating your market diversity strategy against various economic conditions will help bring to light the interconnections among your target markets, not to mention help you make market and staffing decisions proactively, rather than reactively.
Donald E. Stone Jr., P.E., Dewberry

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