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An A/E firm’s website is a valuable business development tool; it is a practical way to extend branding and establish a connection with potential clients, according to an article in the August 21 issue of The Zweig A/E Marketing Letter. Those A/E firm marketers who mastered the task of producing a successful website have discovered the essence of web presence in the industry.

Scott Mickle, president and founder of AEC Marketing Solutions, a marketing consulting firm that works with A/E firms to improve their website usability, offers the following four necessities to a successful website:

  1. Make sure the site is user-friendly. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and consider what would be the easiest way to navigate through your firm’s website. Don’t sacrifice important information for flashy graphics and intricate designs that only cause clutter.
  2. Include information on your firm’s website that is valuable to the visitor. Creating a website that is exclusively about the firm does not paint the entire picture. Incorporate information that is of worth to employees, clients, and potential clients.
  3. Update the site regularly. Refresh your site with the latest projects, clients, press releases, and information of significance to your firm.
  4. Make sure people can find you. According to Mickle’s research, 55 percent of Internet users use search engines to find information about local firms. If you cannot easily locate your firm’s website by searching for it through Google, Ask, MSN, or Yahoo!, then it is impossible for anyone else on the web to find it.

    The preceding was excerpted from an article that appeared in the August 21 issue of The Zweig A/E Marketing Letter, a twice-monthly exploration of real-world marketing tactics used in today’s top design firms. For a complete version of the article, contact Ed Hannan at

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