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Stormwater filtration media removes phosphorus
CONTECH Construction Products Inc., introduced PhosphoSorb, a filtration media that removes total phosphorus from stormwater runoff. Phosphorus in urban runoff is present in two forms — particulate and soluble. The lightweight PhosphoSorb media is created from perlite and activated alumina, which adsorbs soluble phosphorus. Through a proprietary process, the alumina is bound to the surface of the perlite, and the resulting media can remove both total suspended solids (TSS) and total-phosphorus from urban runoff. PhosphoSorb can be used in systems such as the Stormwater Management StormFilter and the UrbanGreen BioFilter, both from CONTECH. The media can also be used as a soil amendment in bioinfiltration applications.
CONTECH Construction Products Inc. — www.contech-cpi.com

Prestressed concrete water tanks
DYK, Inc., says its prestressed concrete water storage tanks require minimal maintenance during their lifetime. Vertical prestressing minimizes cracks and leakage and counteracts the differential temperature and dryness loads that a tank corewall experiences. According to the company, it can prestress or build any type of concrete tank, from 100,000 gallons to 40 million gallons, buried or disguised, architecturally treated or plain.
DYK, Inc. — www.dyk.com

Geospatial roadway information
Intergraph introduced its geospatial Roadway Information Management Solution to enable transportation agencies to more clearly, efficiently, and cost-effectively manage and protect their roadway infrastructure. Users can access information about projects, financials, surface conditions, and more through dashboards and web portals without the need for IT or GIS expertise. It allows transportation agencies to track and monitor the location, condition, and other important information about roadway assets including bridges, pavement, guardrails, and signals. Asset data can be combined with traffic statistics, crash data, maintenance costs, and other details, allowing agencies to make decisions about factors such as work priorities and budget allocations.
Intergraph — www.intergraph.com/transportation/rims.aspx

Heavy-duty fiberglass trench drains
ACO Polymer Products, Inc., recently supplied a custom ACO Aquaduct trench drain system made of lightweight and durable fiberglass for the Mobile Container Terminal project in Mobile, Ala. The high-capacity system had to be strong enough to handle equipment moving heavy containers. The 15-inch-wide, 5,060-foot-long trench drain system slopes from 12 inches to 84 inches. Trench units were manufactured in mostly 20-foot lengths. Channels equipped with galvanized steel grate frames were installed and connected to the site’s stormwater treatment system in various sections during a nine-month period. Extra heavy-duty four-bolt ductile iron grates were installed to complete the trench drain system.
ACO Polymer Products, Inc. — www.acousa.com

Polymer cement slurry pavement surfacing product
Tensar International Corporation (TIC) acquired Endurablend Systems, an advanced polymer cement slurry surfacing product that provides a flexible yet durable barrier over asphalt and concrete pavements. Composed of an acrylic compound mixed onsite with Type I portland cement, specially sieved aggregate, and other materials, Endurablend eliminates pavement raveling and spalling and establishes a skid-resistant surface, TIC said. Applied as thin as 1/8 inch, the product sets quickly and resists breakdown from traffic, oxidation, freeze-thaw cycling, UV exposure, fuels and chemicals, and water and salt, according to the company. When cracks are present, it is best used with the GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System to reduce reflective cracking. GlasGrid is manufactured by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics and distributed exclusively by TIC.
Tensar International Corporation — www.tensarcorp.com
Endurablend Systems — www.endurablendsystems.com

Ethanol from municipal wastewater solids
Qteros entered into a joint development project with Applied CleanTech (ACT), a commodities recycling company based in Israel, to use ACT’s Recyllose-based feedstock, produced from municipal wastewater solids, for low-cost ethanol production. According to the company, ACT’s Sewage Recycling System produces high-quality alternative energy sources for the production of electricity or ethanol, while reducing sludge formation and lowering wastewater treatment plant costs and increasing plant capacity. The companies said they are the first to offer a process that all municipalities can use to help reduce expenses. According to ACT, a wastewater plant that handles 150 million gallons per day (serving a population of about 2 million people) can be sufficient to supply a smaller-scale ethanol plant with cellulose.
Qteros — www.qteros.com
Applied CleanTech — www.appliedcleantech.com

Septic drain field system
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) will exclusively market and distribute the Flowtech septic system, a high-capacity, high-flow subsurface septic drain field system that is designed to replace more than 1,200 pounds of gravel and prevents sand or fine soils from entering a drain field system. According to the company, the Flowtech septic system meets the H10 load, soil load, and hydraulic conductivity tests. The Flowtech septic system bundle consists of a 4-inch-diameter, corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe surrounded by an engineered geo-synthetic aggregate that is held in place by a polystyrene net and geotextile combination. Sections are joined using an internal coupler.
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. — www.ads-pipe.com

Pipeline mapping technology
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., entered into a strategic alliance with Geospatial Holdings, Inc., to jointly market Geospatial’s Smart Probe Pipeline Mapping Technologies with Topcon’s IP-S2, 3D aboveground mobile mapping system. With the combined technologies, municipalities, engineers, pipeline operators, and utilities can gather and manage 3D geo-referenced surface features along with 3D underground pipeline data. Topcon’s IP-S2 3D mobile mapping system travels the pipeline or utility corridor aboveground at speeds as fast as 65 miles per hour. The IP-S2’s three laser scanners and a digital video camera system capture high-accuracy x,y,z point clouds and 360° spherical imagery. Existing GIS feature and attribute sets can be imported, used to position collected features, and then exported back to the system’s geodatabase.
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. — www.topconpositioning.com
Geospatial Holdings, Inc. — www.geospatialcorporation.com

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