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Ecological onsite wastewater treatment
Oldcastle Precast, Inc., introduced an Onsite Wastewater System for commercial and residential cluster applications. The new treatment system uses patented Algaewheel technology that combines bacteria and algae to provide traditional biological and expanded treatment. The system includes primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment, including standard aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic treatment. The bacpac treatment unit, contains multiple Algaewheels that rotate using a small air blower. Algal colonies are fueled by the combination of carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and nutrients. According to the company, the expanded ecological treatment results in substantially cleaner discharge to a drainage field that will last indefinitely. Environmental benefits include use of solar energy through photosynthesis, resulting in significantly lower energy usage. Plus, Algaewheel technology produces oxygen as a byproduct and consumes carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gases.
Oldcastle Precast, Inc.—www.oldcastleprecast.com

Interactive, interoperable software portfolio
Bentley Systems, Inc.’s newly released V8i software portfolio for infrastructure encompasses products for all of the solution communities served by Bentley. Features include intuitive design modeling, interactive dynamic views, intrinsic geo-coordination, intraoperability, and interoperability. Intraoperability occurs across and between tightly coupled V8i products without loss of information. Interoperability occurs across software programs based on DGN, PDF, DWG, ISO 15926, IFC, and other industry standards and related APIs. A new Luxology rendering engine incorporated into MicroStation and all MicroStation-based applications provides near-real-time rendering in the design application. According to the company, dynamic views make working in 3-D more interactive and informative. Using "display sets," V8i users can change the way different parts of a 3-D model are displayed in the same working view to interactively visualize and resymbolize 2-D and 3-D designs in real time. Intrinsic geo-coordination ensures that all V8i projects include the real-world location of the infrastructure site, and inherit useful reference data already available.
Bentley Systems, Inc.—www.bentley.com/v8i

Grass porous paving meets ADA requirements
Invisible Structures, Inc., says its Grasspave2 is the first grass porous paving surface to meet maneuverability requirements as an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible surface for handicap and wheelchair access. According to the company, sites can now meet "Green Space" requirements and ADA requirements in the same multi-use space. The U.S. Department of Justice’s ADA Standards for Accessible Design and The ADA Accessibility Guidelines specify that surfaces that are required to be accessible must be "stable, firm, and slip resistant." Invisible Structures performed surfacing tests of Grasspave2 that was placed over a 6-inch, 3/4-inch-minus base course material compacted to 95 percent modified proctor density. The Grasspave2 rings were filled with concrete sand and then topped with a "washed" sod (1/4-inch soil).
Invisible Structures, Inc.—www.invisiblestructures.com

Software captures conceptual designs
Eagle Point Software Corporation released LandSketch, a new software application that according to the company reduces the time required to develop residential conceptual plans. With support for multiple imagery formats, LandXML, and its connection to Google Earth, LandSketch allows designers to begin conceptual designs by leveraging numerous forms of electronic data. Then, through intelligent sketching commands, streets and lots are laid out according to local agency requirements. Users can analyze multiple scenarios by re-using design elements from other alternatives and using real-time site statistics, including lot density and rough earthwork. Once satisfied with the preliminary design, users can transfer the lot and street data digitally to engineering design software programs such as AutoCAD Civil 3D to prepare final engineering plans.
Eagle Point Software Corporation—www.eaglepoint.com

GRP trench drain
Mea-Josam Company introduced the Pro-Plus series of trench drains manufactured from glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). According to the company, GRP results in a rigid trench drain with minimal longitudinal expansion that is lightweight and easy to handle. Pro-Plus is available in three widths, with or without slope, and with multitude grates, including the patent-pending Starfix grate-securing system.
Mea-Josam Company—www.josam.com

Soil reinforcement website
Strata Systems, Inc., launched a new interactive website—www.geogrid.com—that features updated graphics and streamlined content. From the landing page, registered users have access to product information on Strata geogrids and geotextiles, including Stratagrid, Microgrid, StrataDrain, StrataTex, and Sleeve-It. Additionally, technical resources, specifications, literature, industry links, and the latest company news are available to view or download. The new website also provides expanded coverage of recent case studies from around the world featuring applications of StrataSlope soil reinforcement technology.
Strata Systems, Inc—www.geogrid.com

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