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The May issue of CE News contains our second annual Buyers’ Guide. It provides categorical listings of hundreds of companies’ products and services, as well as contact information for each company so you can follow up with them to learn more. You’ll find familiar companies, including many CE News advertisers, as well as smaller companies with niche products and services for the civil engineering industry.

In addition, we’ve put together topic-specific resources about business software; design, analysis, and modeling software; erosion control; and stormwater. These "Focus On" articles provide information about topic-related events, online resources, previously published CE News articles, and more. They are handy references that you may want to use throughout the year. For example, in July you may start work on a new project and want to do a literature search on relevant erosion control or stormwater project case studies, articles, and associations of relevance. Using the Focus On articles will be a quick and easy way to get started, as they’ll contain the information you need at your fingertips. The online Focus On articles (see "Current Issue," or after May, "Browse Issues" and go to May 2008) contain links to all of the articles and information mentioned.

For those of you who are craving to read your favorite columnists, go online to read Alfred Pagan’s Perspective column, "Construction safety problems," and John Bachner’s Risky Business column, "Understanding professional liability insurance." Also online is a web-exclusive business feature article called, "Cashing out: Hidden business assets," by Rhona Sacks, JD, MBA, CLU. Targeted toward civil engineering firm owners who have decided to sell their company and retire, it provides information about how you can use an innovative asset optimization technique—a life settlement—to convert the hidden value in qualified business life insurance contracts to significant immediate cash.

In other exciting news, we have two related online initiatives launching soon. The Design, Analysis & Modeling Software Channel will launch in mid-May. This will be a more robust and "linked" version of the Focus On: Design Analysis & Modeling Software in this issue. In addition to providing user conference news, previously published article information, and links, it will contain new product updates; a forum for you to post questions or share your expertise about software; links to online demonstrations about design, analysis, and modeling software; and more. New articles will be added monthly to this dynamic online reference. Think of this channel as a website within a website, devoted to the news and resources you need to stay informed about all types of design, analysis, and modeling software. If you have suggestions for more helpful resources, please let me know!

In June, the 2008-2009 Buyers’ Guide will hit the web in an easy-to-search format. "The Directory" will list all of the information provided in this month’s print edition. In addition, companies with pertinent civil engineering products and services will be able to add or update a free listing any time throughout the year. We encourage specified product manufacturers, software developers, industry associations, and others providing products and services to civil engineers that did not participate in the print edition to provide a listing for this rich, online resource. Visit www.cenews.com in June to learn more.

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