Turf Reinforcement

SI Geosolutions introduces Pyramat with X3 fiber technology. Previously introduced in its line of conventional, stitch-bonded turf reinforcement mats, the unique shape of the X3 fiber is designed to help capture more seed, more soil, and more water for faster vegetation growth. Pyramat with X3 fiber technology is a high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) that is a permanent, non-degradable, rolled erosion control product. It is composed of ultraviolet-stabilized, synthetic fibers that are processed into a threedimensional matrix. The HPTRM is constructed to handle aggressive applications and is recommended as an alternative to riprap and other hard armor products. Pyramat—s homogenous, resilient structure of pyramid-like projections and X3 fibers creates a thick matrix with numerous void spaces for trapping and holding water, sediment, and seed required for rapid growth.

SI Geosolutions

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