Technology for Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

The United States has an increasing financial obligation to maintain our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Infrastructure is aging and becoming overburdened as pipes reach the end of their lifecycles and economic and population growth place an increasing strain on our system. Aside from problems caused by aging pipes, additional resources will be necessary as stormwater and sanitary overflow problems increase.

Aware of this growing concern for our nation’s wastewater infrastructure, the staff of CE News has compiled information for its 2004 Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Product Guide. The guide features many of the manufacturers and service providers whose goods you may require. For further details, please contact the company directly. Look for the annual Erosion Control Product Guide in August.

About the Guide
Details about sewer rehabilitation trenchless technologies were provided in response to a questionnaire sent by CE News. Some companies declined to participate by failing to return questionnaires by our deadline. We apologize for inadvertent omissions. To be added to our contact list, please contact Angie Moehlman at

Code Key
LL = Lateral lines
ML = Main lines
MH = Manhole
SL = Sewer lines
WL = Water lines
G = Gas lines
FM = Force mains
GL = Gravity lines

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