Surfing anyone?

As the last month of winter is upon us, a little talk of surfing and spring break may be just what the doctor ordered to help you make it through those cold, windy, wet days so typical in many parts of the country this month.

I don’t know if Judith Nitsch, P.E., LEED AP, CPSM, is a recreational surfer, but she has the sport’s lingo down and experience in riding some types of waves, if not the cold blue variety found along the New England Coast nearby her home. Nitsch is president of Nitsch Engineering, a 65-person, Boston-based civil engineering and land surveying firm with specialization in sustainable design, doing an even split of public- and private-sector work. As this month’s guest columnist for "Beyond Words," she discusses the lessons her firm learned about "staying at the front of the wave." An affirmation to the vast benefits of developing and "working" a strategic plan, she tells the tale of how her firm has managed to achieve success. Just picture your self on the beach with the warm sun on your back as you read this sage advice from one peer to another and enjoy the surfing metaphor Nitsch uses.

If you’re not the type to sit and soak up rays, you may be more inclined to envision a spring break day in sunny Orlando, Fla., enjoying its vast adventures to meld away the chilly weather outside. The truth is, you could make the trip South for a work-pleasure trip like many civil engineers, landscape architects, planners, developers, builders, regulators, environmental professionals, architects, and others will April 11-12. Located deliberately in this city and state with remarkable land development histories, the Land Development East Conference and Expo at The Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort will attract a diverse mix of land development professionals for something other than the town’s thrill rides and theme parks.

With nearly 30 sessions on topics ranging from land development trends, such as mixed use and transit-oriented development, smart growth, sustainable design, eminent domain, and covenants; to public-private partnerships to water resources considerations for land development to stormwater management to community planning to coastal development strategies to flood management, you and your clients who attend are sure to learn the trendsetting techniques of the industry. Promoting cross-discipline learning, this CE News-sponsored event offers opportunities to explore land development technologies, products, and services, as well. Learn more beginning on page 18 or at

Thank you for including CE News in your winter routine. I hope you continue to read regularly when the skies are sunny, the earth thaws, and new projects begin.

P.S. The deadline for the Best Firms To Work For is April 20, 2007. Go to to apply.

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