Successful launch

Our thrust is still to promote and celebrate the civil and structural engineers and engineering professions, your many accomplishments, and show off some of your great work.

The launch of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine has been a success! We’ve received many nice emails and letters from folks telling us they like the new design and thrust of the publication. 

To tell the truth, I was never happy with the inside look of either of the two magazines we used to print but think now we finally have something that doesn’t look like it was published by a professional society 20 years ago! I was also supportive of the larger page format — just seems more substantial to me and looks higher quality.  

But we’ve kept one of the facets that made CE News so different from other engineering pubs — management and business content. After nearly 26 years of providing management information, expertise, and advice to the A/E industry, that’s something we here at ZweigWhite certainly know about. 

You may have noticed that Dan Cuoco, P.E., F.ASCE, former editor of Structural Engineer and world-renowned structural engineer, has retired. We will miss his service greatly but hopefully still have a contribution from him every now and then. 

Fortunately, Bob Drake, editor of CE News, has taken the helm of the new expanded pub. Bob is ever-reliable and fully engaged in his work. You may have met him at one or more of ours or other conferences. And Bob, being a geologist by training, has just enough of a technical bent to keep it real in these pages.  

We are also lucky to have one of my favorite engineer-writers, my old friend, David Evans, P.E., PLS, F.ASCE, as an editor. David has had an amazing career, building a firm bearing his name based in Portland, Ore. He has a great perspective but is also a really funny guy who has a unique way of looking at things.  

I don’t want to forget João Ferreira, either. João has worked for ZweigWhite for many years as editor of The Zweig Letter and the head of our books division, as well as an editor of Structural Engineer. He’s still on board and will be contributing to our new publication, as will Christina Zweig, my oldest daughter, who just completed her MBA at The Sam M. Walton College of Business; and Chad Clinehens, P.E., our executive vice president and COO. 

Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to either our print or digital editions. As always, we value your feedback tremendously, and I hope to hear from you at any time you have an idea or suggestion on how we might do a better job for you. 

Meanwhile, enjoy your June issue of Civil + Structural Engineer — as well as the summer ahead!

Mark C. Zweig

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