Stormwater systems, software, pipe fittings, and septic chambers

Modular stormwater detention system
Hydro International introduced to the U.S. market Stormbloc, a below-ground, stormwater detention, infiltration and harvesting system. According to the company, Stormbloc is the only crate-type system on the market with a patented inspection/maintenance tunnel through each block. The modular blocks make Stormbloc quick and easy to install in almost any application, including industrial and commercial projects as well as residential developments, low impact development schemes, and conveyance applications. Strong enough to withstand traffic loads, Stormbloc can be installed under roads, parking areas, driveways and landscaped areas without additional protection, Hydro International said.
Hydro International —

New Jersey certifies stormwater filter
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.’s BayFilter System was granted interim certification by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The system, manufactured by BaySaver Technologies, Inc., meets the requirements for stand-alone stormwater quality treatment (removal of 80 percent of the total suspended solids), and was examined and verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) in order to qualify for the certification. The New Jersey stormwater rule, 35 N.J.R. 154, states that manufactured stormwater treatment devices may be used to meet the regulatory requirement, provided the pollutant removal rates are verified by NJCAT and certified by NJDEP.
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. —

Traffic sign planning software
Transoft Solutions launched SIGMA, a traffic sign planning software solution. SIGMA was developed for traffic and maintenance engineers to design, maintain, and report on CAD-generated traffic signing, as well as temporary traffic control signing plans through supported sign libraries. SIGMA gives users the ability to search federal/state standard sign libraries, GuidSIGN signs, or user-defined simple CAD-drafted cell/block drawings to create placeable sign assemblies. According to the company, users can search the SIGMA sign libraries without the sign’s reference number and create sign assemblies quickly and easily. Through the Create Sign Assembly tool, users can create a sign assembly that supports typical mounting types and options, multiple sign facings, as well as assembly status by using included typical sign arrangements or by dynamic arrangement.
Transoft Solutions, Inc. —

GPS receiver firmware
Topcon Positioning Systems released Version 3.4 G3 receiver firmware that the company says significantly upgrades the performance and usability of all Topcon GNSS receiver platforms, including the GR-3 and new GRS-1 systems. The 3.4 G3 firmware automatically can detect the make of the network receiver creating corrections for the rover and apply the proper bias to the GLONASS system measurements contained in the GNSS network solution. Topcon’s 3.4 firmware gives the flexibility of using different makes and models of base stations with Topcon rover systems.
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. —

Seamless pipe fittings
Prinsco, Inc., added the Integrity Line of Fittings to its HDPE pipe product line. According to the company, large diameter fittings (12 to 60 inches) traditionally are fabricated using existing corrugated HDPE pipe stock, and are welded together either by hand or through automated processes. Because of the size and nature of the fabrication process, these fittings typically come with performance limitations such as watertight performance or cover height limitations that are more restrictive than the pipe itself. The Integrity Line is based on a patent-pending seamless design that offers greater structural capacity and watertight integrity. Cover height restrictions for the fittings will be nearly equal to those of the pipe itself, Prinsco said, and the Integrity Line’s seamless design helps alleviate deflection concerns, resulting in a watertight fitting that meets or exceeds current industry ASTM or AASHTO standards.
Prinsco, Inc. —

Underground septic chambers
CULTEC says its Recharger and Contactor underground septic chambers offer an effective wastewater management alternative to concrete galleries and conventional pipe and stone systems, especially for sites with space constraints. The Recharger 150, 180, 280, and 330XL models are high-profile, high-capacity septic chambers. The Contactor EZ-24, 100, 125, and Field Drain C-4 models are lower-profile, lower-capacity chambers, typically used for septic installations with depth restrictions or where larger units may not be approved by the local authority.
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