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Stormwater filtration system
Hydro-KleenTM, from Hydro Compliance Management, Inc., is a pre-treatment device for source water and wellhead protection. The Hydro-Kleen is designed to remove hydrocarbons, organically bound metals, sediments, and other organics from wet weather and industrial runoff.

With a pre-settling sediment chamber, the Hydro-Kleen has a by-pass system designed to prevent flooding or ponding during high-flow storm events. Units may be custom built for retrofit or new sites, and are available for round or square catch basin grates. Units are placed into drains under the grate cover, and water flow is directed into the pre-settling sedimentation chamber that collects heavy sediments and debris. Water then passes through a transition inlet into the filtration chamber.

Hydro Compliance Management, Inc.

Catch basin filter inserts
KriStar Enterprises offers the FloGard+Plus catch basin filtration system. The FloGard+Plus has an HDPE adapter ring that allows it to be used in a wide range of catch basin sizes and styles. The unit is constructed of stainless steel, and is designed to capture sediment, debris, trash, and oils/grease during low (first flush) flows. The filtering high-flow bypass allows higher flows to bypass the device while retaining sediment and larger floatables such as debris and trash. The FloGard+Plus is available in a frame mount design to fit most industry-standard drains, and also is available in a "drop-in" design.

KriStar Enterprises

Oil-water-debris separator
The Snout, an oil-water-debris separator available from Best Management Products, Inc., is designed to convert any sumped stormwater structure into an oil-water-debris separator.With a hooded outlet cover designed to attach to a structure wall over any type of pipe, it reduces floatables, free oil, grit, and suspended solids, according to the company. The Snout’s anti-siphon device prevents contaminants from being drawn downstream.A full range of sizes for square and round structures is available, with hoods available in sizes from 12 to 96 inches.

Best Management Products, Inc.

Stormwater pollution prevention
CDS Technologies offers the Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS) system. The CDS technology uses a non-blocking, nonmechanical screening process to remove pollutants from stormwater flow and combined sewer overflows. CDS units capture fine sands and solids, and are capable of removing more than 80 percent of annual total suspended solids from stormwater, according to the manufacturer. The CDS units are designed to remove from stormwater 100 percent of floatables and 100 percent of all particles that are equal to or greater than one-half the size of the screen opening. CDS units contain a conventional oil baffle to control oil and grease in stormwater.

CDS Technologies

Stormwater quality treatment
The Stormceptor System from Hydro Conduit is a stormwater separator that is designed to remove sediment and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff and store the pollutants for safe and easy removal. The Stormceptor product line consists of in-line, inlet, series, and submerged designs. Unit sizes range from the 450-gallon Inlet Stormceptor to the 16,000-gallon Series Stormceptor. The precast concrete Stormceptor arrives at jobsites in concrete components. Stormceptor is designed for use in urban environments where local, regional, or national regulations require water quality devices.

Hydro Conduit

Hydrodynamic vortex separator
Hydro International offers the Downstream Defender, a hydrodynamic vortex separator that generates rotary and shear forces that augment gravitational forces to remove settleable solids. An oil/floatables trap within the same vessel is designed to provide a solution for non-point source pollution. Installation applications include new developments, construction sites, streets and roadways, parking lots, vehicle maintenance yards, and industrial and commercial facilities.The Downstream Defender also can be used as a pretreatment device for detention systems, mitigating wetlands, swales, filters, or other polishing systems. Standard sizes are available in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-foot diameters. Also, Hydro International offers custom designed units up to 40 feet in diameter to meet specific performance criteria or for larger flow applications.

Hydro International

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