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Software links paper plots to digital models
Bentley Systems, Inc., released ProjectWise Dynamic Plot V8i, which uses the publishing capabilities of ProjectWise InterPlot to add a unique pattern of dots to a drawing as it is plotted. At the same time, a record is made indicating which design file was used to create the plot so when markups are retrieved they can be registered to the appropriate design data. Using a digital pen and technology by Anoto, markups can be applied to the patterned paper plot, then the digital pen is docked to a computer through a USB port. In real time, the marks are retrieved as vector data, converted to the design format, and stored in ProjectWise as an associated redline file to the original design file. ProjectWise Dynamic Plot workflow provides automatic digital backup for all reviewer markups and establishes a markup audit trail.
Bentley Systems, Inc. —”

Water loss control products
ADS LLC introduced a full line of products that it says form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks. ADS Water Loss Control Products include ADS Enigma for multi-point and delayed-start correlation, Eureka Digital for challenging noise environments, Eureka2R for routine leak location, Mikron with advanced sound microphones, an electromagnetic insertion flowmeter, and data logging systems.

CIPP for pressure pipes
Insituform Technologies, Inc., introduced the InsituMain system, an AWWA Class IV, fully structural, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) product suitable for all potable and non-potable pressure pipes. The InsituMain system has a polyethylene layer on the inside pipe surface that, according to the company, increases the pipe—s smoothness, reduces surface friction, minimizes reduction in flow, and provides an additional corrosion barrier for the pipe. It is composed of an epoxy composite layer that is reinforced with glass or polyester fiber materials, depending on a number of design elements including host pipe diameter and internal pressure requirements.
Insituform Technologies, Inc. —”

High-density laser scanner
Optech Inc., says its new ILRIS-HD High Density scanner offers increased laser repetition and true measurement rate of 10 kHz, while maintaining the accuracy and ranging capability of its existing ILRIS-3D laser imaging system. The ILRIS-HD provides four times the speed for data collection, high-accuracy survey modes, rapid survey modes, and unsurpassed angular resolution, the company said. Optech—s ILRIS Laser Scanner is a fully portable, laser-based, ranging and imaging system.
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Spray-applied daily landfill cover
Profile Products introduced BioCover Alternative Daily Cover, which is spray-applied to the open face of a landfill to replace the daily cover of 6 to 8 inches of topsoil used to hold debris in place overnight. BioCover is manufactured from Thermally Refined wood fibers combined with cellulose fiber and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier, which increases the surface bond to debris, including plastic and other slick-surface materials. According to Profile, landfills move less soil by using BioCover, increasing the active life of the landfill and reducing costs. BioCover minimizes accumulated leachate pockets and leachate seeps typically caused by continuous daily soil cover and is 100-percent biodegradable and non-toxic. BioCover meets ASTM International—s standard guide for evaluation and selection of alternative daily covers for sanitary landfills (ASTM 6523-00) and meets federal regulations.
Profile Products —”

Vegetated wall system
Deltalok USA—s Deltalok system combines a soft bag that can be vegetated with a patented locking mechanism that enables construction of mechanically stabilized structures for walls, slopes, and stream bank protection. Deltalok Connectors are placed between sand/soil filled Deltalok GTX bags to increase the sheer strength of the bag structure. The result is an interlocking soil mass that promotes and sustains vegetation. The connector can also provide a positive mechanical connection to geogrid for constructing steep slopes and retaining wall structures.
Deltalok USA —”

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